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article imageCorduroy the cat is the oldest living in the world

By Tim Sandle     Aug 15, 2015 in Odd News
Corduroy the cat is a very special cat, for Guinness World Records has named the moggie the oldest living, since the cat has surpassed its 26th birthday.
Corduroy belongs to Ashley Reed Okura, who lives in Oregon, U.S. On paper Okura has owned the cat since Corduroy was a little kitten. However, 12 years ago Corduroy disappeared into the Deschutes National Forest. A year later, the cat returned none the worse for wear.
Corduroy is still healthy and he's a pretty big cat. He weighs seven pounds and is 29 inches in length, according to The Oregonian. Corduroy is a male cat. Okura's family were given Corduroy and his brother Batman. Batman lived for a relatively long life himself, notching up 19 years.
CNN recounts this is Corduroy's second stab at the record. He was declared the oldest cat a year ago, only for another cat called Tiffany to be declared the oldest. Sadly, Tiffany passed away at 27 years, two months and 20 days. This meant the title of the world's oldest known domestic cat passed back into Corduroy's paws. While Tiffany lived for longer, the record relates the oldest cat currently living.
Although Corduroy has some kidney trouble, he remains very active. He can still jump onto a kitchen counter and he likes to go hunting for mice each day. Okura is confident that Corduroy will live to be 30. Maybe he'll also become the oldest cat ever recorded. This distinction is with Crème Puff of Austin, Texas. This remarkable cat lived 38 years and three days and died August 6, 2005. Crème Puff was fed the unusual diet of bacon and eggs, asparagus, and broccoli.
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