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article imageCondom maker in court after claim product gives multiple orgasms

By Anne Sewell     Oct 29, 2015 in Odd News
Berlin - A Berlin condom producer has had to head to court recently after "falsely" claiming its product could produce multiple orgasms. A rival company says promising up to 21 orgasms per pack of seven condoms is dangerous.
According to the rival condom manufacturer, by claiming that each condom can product three orgasms, there is a risk that this promise could lead to repeat usage of each contraceptive, creating the risk that the product could tear, with unwanted and often dangerous results to both parties involved.
According to the labeling on the Einhorn (Unicorn) condoms, "Each pack contains seven condoms - or up to 21 orgasms." The contraceptive manufacturer says that this means that for every condom, a man can orgasm once, while a woman will enjoy two orgasms, although they gave no explanation as to how this is possible or what causes the multiple orgasms.
According to Frankfurter Allgemeine Gesellschaft (German language), Einhorn already caused controversy earlier in the year when they launched a Crowdfunding campaign to put "the world's first sustainable condom" on the market.
Grunderszene reports (in German) that Cologne Fair Squared, the company's competitors, sent an injunction, calling the campaign "cocky" and Einhorn were then forced to remove the text from their website.
Despite removing the promotional text from their website, however, the individual packaging for the controversial contraceptive remains, with the wording saying the product will produce the multiple delight, by claiming each pack of seven condoms will produce an alleged 21 orgasms.
According to Mirror the case will now head to a higher court in Düsseldorf on a date to be advised.
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