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article imageChinese man raises puppies for 2 years, finds out they're bears

By Brian Booker     Jul 7, 2015 in Odd News
About two years ago Wang Kayui decided to adopt a pair of puppies. As the weeks passed, the puppies grew into well-behaved dogs, and all seemed well. At least until Wang saw a flyer on endangered animals and realized that his dogs were, in fact, bears.
Wang had adopted the “puppies” from a Vietnamese man and had taken on the burden of their care for himself. He groomed and bathed the animals everyday and generally interacted with them like they were normal dogs. And not knowing any different, Wang appears to have genuinely believed that they were normal dogs.
Well, normal might not be the right word, Wang did notice a few peculiar things. The bear cubs grew to weigh 100 pounds each and still appear to be growing. They also began to kill Wang's chickens. Further, the bears looked quite a bit different from the other dogs in the area, but while Wang's suspicions grew, he only came to realize that his puppies were bears when he stumbled across a Public Security Bureau brochure listing the animals as Asian black bears, a category two endangered species.
Shortly after realizing his mistake, Wang gave the animals to the Forest Public Security Bureau, which has since moved the animals into the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre, where they are now being cared for.
Asian black bears are also known as moon bears due to a large, light-colored patch of fur frequently found on their chest. Adult male black bears can grow to weigh as much as 440 pounds, though generally weigh closer to 300.
Moon bears are largely herbivorous, but they are known to be extremely aggressive towards humans and to attack without provocation. The bears are listed as vulnerable due to extensive hunting and poaching as the bears' body parts are often used for traditional medicine and other things. They are found throughout China, S.E. Asia, Japan, and elsewhere across Asia.
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