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article imageChinese construction workers duke it out with bulldozers

By Brian Booker     Apr 18, 2016 in Odd News
Ever dream of suiting up in some mecha-robot armor and battling giant aliens akin to Pacific Rim? Or how about a tank duel? In China, rival construction firms tried to act out their anger (and fantasies?) battling it out in bulldozers.
Apparently, an argument between constructions workers from rival firms quickly spiraled out of control. Instead of settling their arguments through discussion, legal action, or a plain old fist fight, the construction workers battled it out with their construction equipment. Reminiscent of a car derby, but with far bigger and more dangerous vehicles, the workers clashed in what was a pretty epic battle. Part of the battle is linked below.
The battle occurred in northern China and at least two dozers were flipped onto their side, according to police. The full investigation is still ongoing. Several other bulldozers were involved, and given their massive size, it's likely others were damaged.
In the video linked above, several passenger cars are seen fleeing the scene. If you're looking for scale, just check out how small the cars and trucks are in comparison to the bulldozers.
One man can be seen running from his fallen bulldozer-turned-battle bot, and it appears that he made it away unharmed. So far there are no reports of casualties or serious injuries, but it's unlikely that everyone made it away without at least some scratches and bruises.
Wondering what could bring the workers to such epic blows? The workers were from rival firms competing for business. if you haven't been keeping up to date on China, the country's once booming real estate sector has fallen on hard times. A several year long construction boom has deflated over the past several months.
Workers who could once rely on steady work though the construction industry have found themselves struggling just to get by. This helps explain why the workers were willing to go after each other in such dangerous construction equipment, although their bosses might not be happy about the damage and publicity received.
Authorities have not made it clear whether anyone was seriously injured, or if charges were filed.
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