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Car thief gets stuck in the trunk, calls police for help

By Owen Weldon     Aug 15, 2015 in Odd News
Missoula - A would-be car thief in Missoula, Montana, ended up calling the police after he got himself locked up in the trunk of a car.
The Missoula Police Patrol Sgt., Colin Rose, said that Ryan Payne, 31, broke into a vehicle on Tuesday night. However, instead of stealing it, Payne locked himself in the trunk and had to call 911. It wasn't known how long he was trapped inside the trunk for.
Payne apparently attempted to access the car by going through the trunk, which was open, and was going to go through the backseat. However, he didn't realize that the car had an automatic trunk closure mechanism.
Payne was arrested and now he is facing a number of charges, including two counts of criminal trespass, as well as a count of criminal mischief.
Travis Welsh, a Police Sergeant in Missoula, said that he suggests that people shouldn't commit crimes, as well as don't try to get into vehicles that don't belong to you. He added that this is common sense.
This isn't the first time a thief got stuck while trying to commit a crime. Last year, a thief in La Florida tried to rob a sushi restaurant, but ended up getting himself stuck in the chimney. His accomplices managed to escape, and they left the man there. Police and fire personnel ended up rescuing the thief.
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