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article imageBoy cuts worker's lifeline because noise interrupted his cartoons

By Megan Hamilton     Aug 31, 2014 in Odd News
Guizhou - Whatever you do, don't interrupt this kid's Saturday cartoons. One construction worker was busily fitting lights with an electric drill outside the eighth-floor apartment where the 10-year-old cartoon fanatic lived, and he got the shock of his life.
As Liu Mai was working, he noticed his safety line shaking. He looked up, and that's when he saw the boy, Tang Chu, sawing through the line with a knife.
Mai, hanging 100 feet from the ground and fearing for his life, begged the boy to stop but the kid ignored him, The Mirror reports.
"I was using an electric drill to fit security lights to the outside of the building when I felt my safety rope shaking," Mai said. "I looked up to see what was wrong. Then I saw the boy cutting the rope with a knife. I shouted at him to stop but he didn't listen and soon after, the rope was broken."
"I was petrified. I thought I was sure to fall, but the boy just stood and watched me."
Now, Mai was stranded, unable to move up or down so he called to his coworkers for help. They contacted the local fire department, which hurried to the scene Rocket News 24 reports.
The crew had trouble finding an apartment on the floors above with anyone home--something they needed in order to access Mai. This slowed the rescue down, but finally, after 40 minutes of hanging on, the team peeled the fatigued man off the wall without injuring him.
Police confronted the boy,10, who initially denied guilt. It wasn't long before he broke under pressure and confessed, Rocket News reports.
"The sound of drilling outside was noisy while I was watching cartoons, so I cut the rope with a knife," the boy said.
"This could have had fatal consequences," a fire department spokesman said, per The Mirror. "The boy didn't think about his actions. The worker was left dangling and was holding on for dear life."
"Luckily we were able to save the man and winch him onto a balcony to safety," the spokesperson said. "The boy clearly thought his cartoons were more important than someone's life."
The boy apologized for his actions.
"He just didn't think," said his dad, Tang Peng. "We have apologised and bought the man a new rope. We also gave him a good talking to and explained what he did was very dangerous."
"He has promised he will not do something similar again," Tang Peng said. "I think we may also need to take him for some anger management therapy."
Indeed, in this case sending the child to bed without supper just doesn't cut it.
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