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article imageArmoured car spills cash on U.S. highway, motorists grab money

By Marcus Hondro     Nov 2, 2014 in Odd News
Maryland as a state doesn't seem any more or less honest than most other U.S. states, or Canadian provinces for that matter, so maybe this would have happened anywhere in North America. We refer to a cash grab courtesy a broken armored truck door.
The back doors of an armored car going down Interstate Highway 270 near Urbana, Maryland, malfunctioned somehow — it may not have been closed properly — and out flew a big bag of cash. The bag broke open and the money began scattering itself around the highway and the side of the highway, flying about according to the capricious dictates of the wind.
Twisting about all over the place.
Motorists did what they likely would have done in California or in Montana, in Arizona, Ontario, Saskatchewan, most anywhere: they stopped — and stole the loot. They could be seen rushing about the highway and in nearby fields, collecting as many of the bills as they could before jumping back into their vehicles and taking off, richer for the experience.
Though they surely lost something in the exchange, like their good name.
At any rate, lots and lots of money was gobbled up by motorists by the time a fire department vehicle arrived, summoned there by the operators of the armored truck, and turned on its emergency lights. Those emergency lights convinced motorists to leave what was left and flee.
Maryland State Police said they haven't got a handle on how much was in the bag but by the time they arrived and helped the operators pick-up what was left they were only able to find about $200. There is a state police division in Frederick, Maryland and police have asked that anyone who grabbed up money return it there.
Otherwise, should someone have taken down your driver's licence you just might be caught and charged with theft. Which likely wouldn't be worth the money...unless of course you got a real good haul of it.
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