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Adult woman poses as 15-year-old student, arrested

By Sylvannia Soulet     May 15, 2014 in Odd News
Longview - A woman in her 30s is in police custody after being outed for posing as a 15-year-old teenager for almost an entire school year.
It’s like something straight out of 21 Jump Street.
Tamica Lincoln of Longview, Texas thought she was doing the right thing when she decided to take guardianship of fellow McDonald’s co-worker Charity Stevens. A veritable orphan, Stevens explained that she needed a place to stay since her mother and abusive father had both passed away.
Lincoln registered Stevens as a sophomore at New Life Christian School in October 2013, and she instantly became popular with her peers.
But Lincoln became suspicious when a worker who supported children in need raised some red flags after conducting a background check on Stevens. Further sleuthing by Lincoln herself revealed that her real name was actually Charity Ann Johnson. Even more alarming: the birthday Johnson had provided of November 24, 1997 proved false; her files claimed she was actually born in 1979, placing her at 34 years of age. This meant she was older than the 30-year-old Lincoln (previous jail records give the conflicting report that she is 31.)
Upon uncovering the truth, Lincoln and "Charity's"’ mentor, Paul Ward, contacted police and promptly had the phony teenager arrested. According to KLTV in Texas, this situation was difficult to process for many at the school: "Teachers were crying and students were crying, and her best friend just couldn't believe it."
Stevens’ played her role exceptionally well, posting selfies regularly on her Facebook and Instagram accounts, both looking and acting the part of a coy, bashful teenager that was god-fearing and into fashion.
"I sympathized with her, and invited her into my home,” explained Lincoln. “I took her in as a child, did her hair, got her clothes and shoes..."
When Lincoln took to social media to find out more information about her ward, she discovered that Johnson had lied to at least four other women in the past, her reach even spanning the states of Florida and Minnesota. None of them wanted anything further to do with the con artist.
Says Lincoln to reporters: "I just don't know why she did it. Why put yourself and others at risk to do something like this? I have deep concerns about her being who we don't know she is, and then she's out there at the school."
Lincoln is in jail for failing to identify and for giving false information. She is currently being held on $500 bond.
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