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article image2 bottles of vodka capture runaway bull in Germany

By Anne Sewell     Jan 17, 2014 in Odd News
A bull in Kallmünz, Germany was causing a little havoc. It escaped from its enclosure during summer 2013 and has been running around in the Bavarian forests ever since, causing a little concern among nearby residents.
The owner at one stage even petitioned the local veterinary office to allow him to shoot and kill the bull, but his application was denied.
Over the last six months, the owner has tried to track down the bull, hoping to shoot it with a tranquilizer gun, but without success. This bull likes his freedom much too much it seems.
However, the bull made one big mistake. He wandered onto the farmlands of one Werner Dechant.
Dechant told the German media (in German) how he laid on a tasty bucket of grain for the bull and then tried to capture him using a rope. Yes, you guessed it, without any success. The bull was too clever for that tactic and escaped every time.
According to Dechant, he was concerned about the health of the bull and didn’t want to try a tranquilizer dart, but then he came up with a new plan. Vodka.
He poured a whole bottle of vodka into the bucket and mixed it in with the grain. The bull loved it, and gobbled it down. However, one bottle didn’t do the trick as the bull still managed to evade capture.
Dechant waited a couple of nights and then decided to try again — this time with two bottles of the Russian liquor. On this occasion, it worked.
As the bull staggered around in a drunken stupor, Dechant was able to rope the bull and get him locked away in a barn.
The errant bull has now been returned to his owner and will be under a state of lockdown for ever more it seems.
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