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article imageWild orangutan caught dressing in T-shirt in Borneo (Video)

By Anne Sewell     May 22, 2014 in Environment
A wild orangutan was caught on video, casually donning a park ranger's T-shirt, by a wildlife photographer in Tanjung Putting National Park in Borneo. To the great amusement of onlookers she then tried to put on a Wellington boot,
Orangutans are known for their high IQ and great ability to learn. In this case, David Jenkins, 41, noticed the ape and her baby outside the keeper's hut, probably hoping for a banana or two. He decided to let the camera run.
When the orangutan realized that the keeper wasn't at home, she decided to try on the ranger's T-shirt for size, then tried to put on a Wellington boot. She found it difficult, and pulled a pair of socks out of the boot to the great amusement of onlookers.
As she got bored and took off the T-shirt, her baby then tried to dress itself too, without much success, realized mother was leaving and scrambled after her.
According to Jenkins, "I have no idea how the orangutan acquired this skill but it was probably from observing the park rangers in the the morning as they get dressed."
"Orangutans are very intelligent, curious and playful animals and this is a great example of how they have an incredible ability to learn new skills."
"Most of the animals at the national park are wild but some are introduced after being rescued from the illegal pet trade when their mothers died."
"They are free to live a wild life now but sometimes they will visit the ranger stations for some bananas."
"I was amazed when I saw the orangutan put on the shirt, my initial reaction was utter disbelief and then a lot of laughter, they really are special creatures."
They are special and funny indeed. Watching this clip makes one realize how sad it is that these clever animals are being gradually wiped out.
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