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article imageVideo: Iceberg collapses in Bay of Exploits, Newfoundland, Canada

By Anne Sewell     Jul 27, 2014 in Environment
Wanda Stead and her husband were enjoying a day out in the Bay of Exploits Tuesday when she unexpectedly caught on video the collapse of an iceberg. While at first fascinating, they pretty soon had to move, and move fast, to escape the icy tidal wave.
Rick and Wanda Stead, who live in Gander, had been staying over in their cabin in Cottlesville when they decided to go out in the boat. Wanda Stead was filming the arched iceberg close to them when it suddenly started to disintegrate. She says she has now learned her lesson, and that is to not get too close to icebergs.
In the video description, she says, "My husband and I were admiring the magnificent structure of the arch of this huge iceberg, when suddenly it collapsed and created a large tidal wave of chunks of ice rushing towards us!"
"I think my heart came up, and I swallowed it. I was petrified," she added.
In the video we see how the arch in the iceberg suddenly cracks and within seconds, tons of ice fell into the bay below.
At first Stead is filming the iceberg's collapse, but then she realizes the dangerous situation they are in. We can hear her fear in the video, as she calls to her husband: "Run, Rick, go — go!"
As what she thought was an icy tidal wave gradually heads towards them, her husband finally manages to get the boat out of the way.
"All I could see was this tidal wave coming toward us," she said.
It turns out that the wave was not as bad as she thought, but she immediately shared the video to warn others of the dangers of approaching icebergs.
According to Stead she felt very "rattled and drained" by the end of the experience and she was amazed that she had kept the camera so steady, as the video didn't show much shaking.
Saying they were too close, Stead estimates that they had stopped their boat between 100 to 150 feet away from the iceberg.
"Accidents are unplanned events," she warned. "You never know with something that big … and people need to know."
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