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article imageLooking to the future of the planet in new documentary

By Tim Sandle     Apr 27, 2017 in Environment
What does the future hold for the planet? There are myriad possibilities and some of this in our hands. A new docudrama from National Geographic shines a light on the year one million for a round of speculation and debate.
Will technology lead to human lives being made so easy that we can devote ourselves to a Utopian paradise where we can explore out creative side and let machines carry out all of the tasks we hate, including work? Our will humanity be plunged to the brink of extinction either through a global conflict, nuclear war or an environmental catastrophe? Perhaps it is anyone's guess or perhaps we can draw upon the world around us, how we react to society's problems now and use this as a guide for how we will live in the future.
These are the subjects set to be discussed in a new television program to be broadcast on the National Geographic channel. The concept is called YEAR MILLION. It takes the form of a six-part documentary-drama series, starting worldwide on May 15.
The series focus is a consideration of what it will be like to be a person living one million years into the future. That's a pretty long-way off, given how little time humans have existed on Earth — given the history of life on Earth began about 3.8 billion years ago, and the planet is some 4.5 billion years old, humans have occupied the planet for only 0.04 percent of the time.
The program gives good balance to an optimistic appraisal of the future as pitched against a frightening vision. With the latter we could be salves to machines or living in primitive conditions in the wake of environmental meltdown. With the former, perhaps death and disease have been eliminated? Alternatively, humanity may have left Earth and settled on another world.
To add gravitas to the show, National Geographic have asked experienced actor Laurence Fishburne to carry out the narrator duties. To assist with the debate, the program has harnessed some of the brightest minds from the sciences and arts to give their take on the future. The commentators include Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, Michio Kaku, Brian Greene, Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Mira and former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne. According to Tim Pastore, President, Original Programming and Production, in an interview with Scientific American: "YEAR MILLION propels us into an odyssey of the unfathomable choices humans will face while questioning the kind of lives we’ll live and the people we’ll become."
The first episode is titled Homo Sapien 2.0. Here the focus is on advances in neuroscience and engineering are perhaps leading to a place where artificial intelligence will become indistinguishable from human intelligence. What will this mean for the future?
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