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article imageStudy: Evidence for the sentience of rats

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 18, 2014 in Environment
Lab rats have been instrumental in many scientific discoveries. However new evidence suggests that lab rats are sentient.
As an illustration about why this debate has become more important you can look at this report on the Dodo. Similarly you can look at the study itself for more information. Rats can reportedly feel remorse for their actions which would put them on a higher level of sentience than previously thought. Consequently many question the current treatment of lab rats and other animals.
In fact sentience has become the measuring mark for how we treat animals after an NY Times report talked about scientific studies showing that dogs are sentient. Both science and public opinion have things to say about this and for the moment they are in agreement.
Unquestionably there are some experiments which do not stop short of abuse as in the case of some scientists who decapitated rats. Consequently even organizations such as the Humane Society are calling for an end to animal testing.
Even if we do decide that are sentient that does not stop the fact that many cures for diseases and much of our medical research today hinges on this testing. Every day human beings and pets live due to the sacrifices some animals made. To put it differently "Is a Dog's Life Worth More Than a Person's?" Or in this case, a Rat's life?
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