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article image‘Roots of the Earth’ — Ethnic elders meet to praise Mother Earth

By Igor I. Solar     Nov 1, 2014 in Environment
Rancagua - A 4-day international meeting of aboriginal elders called "Roots of the Earth" will be held in November in Graneros, Chile. The event aims to "appeal for Mother Earth and Humanity", and to educate local families about ancestral ethnic traditions.
The gathering will take place from November 13 to 16 at a campsite near the town of Graneros, 80 kilometres south of Santiago. It will be attended by shamans and elders belonging to indigenous peoples from the US, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile. The central concept of the encounter is to provide an opportunity to local families to learn about native traditions through activities, ceremonies and community life in a natural setting.
"Roots of the Earth" began in the 70s, when Mexican-American poet Raymundo Perez proposed a gathering of elders from various indigenous peoples at a communal ceremony to pray "for Mother Earth and mankind." Since then, the meeting has been held in cycles of four years in the United States, Austria, Mexico and Chile. Future plans pursue to broaden the encounters to include elders representing aboriginal peoples from Africa and Asia.
Organizers emphasize that "the meeting is intended for all people. While those who will gather to pray and carry out the ceremonies are the aboriginal elders, representatives respected by their own people, the invitation to partake in the event is open to everyone" says the event’s website (In Spanish).
The celebration will offer activities for the whole family including workshops for adults and
Roots of the Earth. Poster of the event taking place in Graneros  near Rancagua  Chile.
Roots of the Earth. Poster of the event taking place in Graneros, near Rancagua, Chile.
Roots of the Earth
children, talks of invited elders on ancestral traditions, video-documentaries, dances, women's discussions, live music, native art, community kitchen, story-telling for children, etc. According to organizers, the activities seek to "combine efforts and actions to convince the world of the value of nature and to discuss about how we are destroying the environment and ecosystems."
It is expected that in addition to a spiritual encounter, the event should be an experience of community life. During the four days the participants will share the work of meal preparation, cleaning the camp, maintenance of restrooms, and childcare.
Guests to this year’s gathering include Heriberto Villaseñor of Mexico, director of the “Roots of the Earth” organization, James Robideau, Lakota-Sioux Nation of North Dakota, Tom Kanatakeniate Cook, Mohawk Nation of South Dakota (USA), Nua Isabel Beriberi, Rapa Nui from Easter Island (Chile), Christian Mallipal, Mapuche machi from Panguipulli (Chile), Gregorio Bernabé and Luciana Perez, Totonac of Veracruz (Mexico), Eustorgius Payaguaje, Siona of Colombia, Roger Choque, Aymará of Lake Titicaca (Bolivia), and representatives of the Mbyá-guarani people of Paraguay, Huichol of Mexico and Arhuaco of Colombia.
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