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article imageReview: The Walking Dead, season 4, episode 13 – “Alone” Special

By Nicole Weddington     Mar 13, 2014 in Entertainment
AMC’s The Walking Dead has its work cut out for it in the second half of Season 4.
In the latest installment, we find the group separated after the Governor’s prison raid, searching to find one another and to find safety.
Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 13 of ‘The Walking Dead’ follow.
This setup allows for some character development, as each group gets its turn in the spotlight and we see characters’ true light come to the forefront. As in the case of this episode, we see focus on two groups as they trudge their way, battling internal strife in an effort to unite with those from whom they’ve been disbanded.
The challenge is in keeping viewers’ interest alive as the transition from the show’s traditional action-packed scenes morphs to character-defined moments. A challenge many series of this genre face, this has become more apparent in this season’s second half with the distinct focus on smaller groups.
What was surprising was to see the focus continue on Daryl and Beth, as we had just seen them last week.
However, sharing the spotlight this week we found Sasha, Maggie, and Bob accidentally finding a sign towards Terminus after battling in the fog with zombies.
As I watched this, puzzling issues clouded my mind as the actions taken by the characters seem to come from unexplainable sources.
Maggie is bent on doing something she thinks Glenn would do, which is abandon a local search of the area and follow tracks to Terminus. Yet, after watching this episode, it is hard to see why Glenn would search the area. My guess is he would be making haste to Terminus himself. So, it is hard to see how the directors have written in Maggie’s actions with logic.
Sasha’s character does a 360, as well. A character that seems strong on the surface is now questioning her every move and is confusing to the viewer. She decides to set out on her own, in a move that brings questions and confusion to mind.
The abandonment nicely highlights the moral of the episode, “Alone.” Better to walk zombie-infested territory in numbers, rather than alone.
Back to Beth and Daryl, who become separated, as well. They start off together in an abandoned funeral home, only to find themselves running away from an onslaught of zombies who come knocking on the door. Daryl runs out the back door while Beth jumps in a car and races away. So much for safety in numbers, but it was hard to see the point of that separation.
While trying to pull off this balance of character development and insane action, I am not sure if the writers are doing so well. This episode seems to try and mesh the two, but not completely successfully.
Yet, it still keeps viewers coming back for more and may hold more progress as additional episodes unfold. This week’s episode upped the action over last week with more characters on screen. It is possible that these episodes are feeding into something big.
As zombie series go, this one has its quirks, but draws a lingering interest for more.
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