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article imageOp-Ed: Too stupid to save the world? You’re not alone

By Paul Wallis     Sep 28, 2018 in Environment
Washington - US administration agencies acknowledge disastrous human caused climate change. Judges say the law isn’t the way to control emissions. A plague of idiocy and total lack of interest in actually doing anything about climate change is now emerging.
The story starts with recent coverage of climate change, a series of articles which indicate a level of howling incompetence unlike anything seen since the fall of the Roman Empire. Read’s climate change coverage for some fascinating insights in to how dumb people really are.
US agency National Highway Traffic Safety Administration draft report predicts 7F rise in temperatures by 2100. The report also says trying to stop climate change is pointless, while systematically acknowledging that traffic is a major polluter. Some group of overachievers you’ve got there, Methuselah. What’s amazing is that this very damning thing ever got published. Too “busy” to read it, dearies? Or too dumb to understand it?
The report says on page S 14:
Global mean surface temperature is projected to increase by approximately 3.48°C (6.27°F) under the No Action Alternative by 2100.
Love that name, No Action Alternative. This is where the “do nothing” option originates. This widely used term means literally comparing doing nothing with doing something about climate change. It’s like comparing doing nothing with doing anything, clearly the product of advanced pseudoscientific senility. The mere fact that such an expression is used at all is a sign of total ineptitude at all levels.
The 3.48C figure is well above the Paris 1.5C benchmark. 2C is generally considered to be the Big Fan Hitting Level. According to the UN, there’s about a year and a half left to do anything to really avoid severe climate change. This is after 60 years trying to convince greedy, stupid, insular geriatrics that there was even an issue.
The logic of death?
Even more endearingly, Scott Pruitt, running the EPA, says that climate change wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, opening up the Arctic, and bringing tourists and money. Presumably these tourists would be visiting the flooded cities and already parched croplands for some light entertainment. (This is reportedly after his regularly denying the existence of climate change. Pruitt appears to be a pretty basic specimen of the Cloud Cuckoo Land mindset which dominates this administration. The real world is a series of press releases, remember, folks.)
Now the legal issues, or rather the judiciary copping out completely and trying to put the choke chain on any possible climate change lawsuits affecting energy industries. The net result has been to block and dismiss lawsuits by cities like New York, San Francisco, and many others. The reasoning is specious at best. Some say these lawsuits and liabilities on energy industries could “threaten jobs”. Threatening lives and human extinction with climate disasters and toxic waste in the billions of tons apparently, isn’t as important.
This IS imbecility, seriously in play by supposed legal experts. If you think about it, this is roughly similar to supporting the use of crack cocaine because legal action would put the crack dealers out of work. It’s not a particularly advanced form of logic, even for maggots, but that’s the line of argument which is being upheld.
Too stupid to save the world? Yes, you are.
Given the sheer toxicity of fossil fuels, the known effects of the polluting agents, and the massive health impacts, it’s hard to see how anyone can seriously consider fossil fuels as anything but a liability. They can easily be replaced. The fossil fuels, used as anything but combustible fuels, would be far more valuable, worth literally thousands per ton instead of hundreds.
So the great intelligences have decided it’s better to knowingly destroy the planet rather than prevent catastrophic climate change, to “protect” someone or something. Protect what? There’ll be nothing much left to protect if that 3C degree change happens.
You’ll remember “Greed is good” as a motto of the 80s. In this case, greed is stupid beyond belief, and it can prove it. There are no good scenarios for anyone in this mix, yet a horde of absolute fools are all in favour of letting things slide. Forget Illuminati, Deep State and other pathetic distractions for the gullible. This is actual failure incarnate, dumb as anything that ever fell out of the rear end of a cockroach, and about as useful, or perhaps less.
The rich won’t be immune to the effects of climate change, either. The corporations will come crashing down as the tides and heat waves roll in. If food and water go, so will governments. In effect, these morons are setting the stage for their own catastrophic failure, in plain sight to the dumbest of the dumb, and they’re happy about it. What a surprise.
Yes, you are too stupid to save the world. Everything is fixable. Nothing is being fixed. This is total incompetence and criminality, on every level. Nobody gives a damn about your ridiculous ideologies or your pig-ignorant dribbling and dissembling on every issue. Disappear, and take your mindless BS with you. Stupidity is not in high demand, in this world, anyway.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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