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article imageOp-Ed: The new denial — ‘Overselling’ climate change?

By Paul Wallis     Feb 3, 2014 in Environment
Sydney - The climate change “debate” has long been known to be a mere dichotomy of conservatives vs. progressives. A new, bizarre version has now emerged. An Australian scientist accuses climate change advocates of “overselling” climate change.
It’s interesting that there’s a whole class of people in media and elsewhere who think everyone’s a paid actor, like them saying what they’re paid to say. Climate change skeptics have apparently equated their opponents with themselves, and seem to assume that there’s some liberal version of the Koch Brothers, paying them to speak.
An example of this weird psychology has emerged in Forbes, which is otherwise a pretty credible publication:
Paltridge was a Chief Research Scientist with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). The latter is Australia’s equivalent of the National Science Foundation, our massive Federal Laboratory network, and all the governmental agency science branches rolled into one.
Paltridge lays out the well-known uncertainties in climate forecasting. These include our inability to properly simulate clouds that are anything like what we see in the real world, the embarrassing lack of average surface warming now in its 17th year, and the fumbling (and contradictory) attempts to explain it away.
“Lack of average surface warming….?” Catastrophic droughts around the world, massive fires, snap freezes (as predicted at least 7 years ago) and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology says 2013 was the hottest year on record. He doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own back yard. Lack of what, an advertising campaign?
Paltridge, however, doesn’t merely stick to easily rebutted arguments. He becomes abstract, as many people to whom facts are unhelpful do:
“…the average man in the street, a sensible chap who by now can smell the signs of an oversold environmental campaign from miles away, is beginning to suspect that it is politics rather than science which is driving the issue.”
Note the cultural reference: Everything is about politics and public image. This is a purely conservative viewpoint. Liberals have long since realized that “politics” is a synonym for “do nothing about anything” and that arguing with paid stooges is a waste of time. Also note the patronizing reference to the public, that well-informed collection of earnest believers of everything they read in any sort of media. And, of course, they follow FOX/Koch media and nothing else. Like hell.
As you can see  the recent spike is atypical. A mini Ice Age  however  is likely to be a mixed bless...
As you can see, the recent spike is atypical. A mini Ice Age, however, is likely to be a mixed blessing.
It’s a matter of opinion what sort of vegetative state you’d have to be in to equate climate change with public relations. The average carrot would know better. A few of the broccoli might give some credence. An undereducated lettuce might swallow media releases, but maybe not.
For the incredibly unobservant, a few points:
Global warming is caused by air pollution. Heavier gases like CO2 have different thermal properties.
The climate naturally changes, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to major changes in atmospheric composition.
The North Pole disappeared over the last 2 years for the first time in recorded history.
So- Nothing’s happening, eh? Do tell.
A few other facts about air pollution, the cause of climate change, from a search of our own DJ articles:
Estimated 2 million deaths per year from air pollution.
MIT says 200,000 Americans die of air pollution every year.
Massive air pollution from China to Chile affecting public health
Competition between New Dehli and Beijing for worst air pollution.
Chinese air pollution has reached America, debunking the “local” argument of climate change skeptics.
WHO declares many pollutants, also the main contributors to climate change, as carcinogenic.
Now consider the mentality of people who not only deny the obvious, but also refuse to even acknowledge the highly destructive nature of the mechanisms of climate change.
A few lousy filters, costing a few cents each, could turn around air pollution. The chemistry is so simple you could make the required filters in grade schools. Will it happen? Of course not.
Nobody expects the oil companies and their related political geriatrics to comprehend climate change or anything else which might involve spending money on public health and safety. They never have, why would they change now?
Nobody expects America’s paid lobbyists, aka Congress, to do a damn thing in relation to the public interest, either. These are the people who fought tooth and nail against affordable health care, why would they?
Nobody expects a pack of scientific whores to be honest after years of paid “skepticism”. Why would they? They’ve probably forgotten how, what with meeting all those important people and getting monetized doggie biscuits for climate change denial.
Just one more thing, Paltridge- An organization called NASA, which you may or may not have heard of, disproves every damn word you’ve said in recent years about climate change. This information took 3 seconds to find. The NASA figures show a vertical rise in temperatures beyond the picture above.
Climate change is right here, right now. What are they going to do about it? Exactly what they’ve always done. Get paid for doing nothing and wasting people’s time.
Just remember, folks- Every picture you see is a climate change conspiracy. Massive air pollution doesn’t exist. Millions of deaths don’t exist. Only highly paid shills know what’s really going on. Don’t believe the evidence of your own eyes and the stench in your nostrils, believe a paid conservative today, and win a prize!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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