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article imageOp-Ed: Obama institutes world's largest marine sanctuary

By Walter McDaniel     Jun 18, 2014 in Environment
Washington - U.S. President Barack Obama ignored the concerns of Congress and put together an area of land that was nearly 800,000 sq miles across for marine life. Fishing there will be off-limits for any commercial interests.
This comes after a promise by Obama to "protect our oceans for future generations," which he mentioned in a statement to the Guardian.
The project is a massive expansion of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument which was originally set up by George W. Bush. Instead of creating a new area he expanded one which Republicans had created.
This expansion may be a bid to dissuade Republicans from criticizing his use of executive power. If they declare he abused his power over expanding a project that one of their former presidents created they could end up on a slippery slope.
The news is also making waves online because of the endorsement by star Leonardo Dicaprio. He believes Obama is doing the right thing by pushing forward with this project. Dicaprio has donated $2 million already and plans to donate $7 million more. The response from the right is still developing but we will certainly see one for this. We have seen it for all the others.
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