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article imageNational Honeybee Day focuses on conservation

By Tim Sandle     Aug 16, 2016 in Environment
National honeybee day is celebrated each in the U.S. This year the day falls on August 20. Due to the decline in bee populations around the world, the focus for 2016 is on bee conservation.
The core objectives of National Honeybee Day are to promote and improve beekeeping and beekeeping practices; to educate the public about the importance of bees; and to make society aware of the risks to bee colonies. Bees are vital of pollination: without bees to spread pollen from the male parts of plants to the female parts, fruit may not form.
The program was started “by grassroots minded beekeepers to build community awareness of the bee industry, through education and promotion.” National Honey Bee Day was started in 2009 by grassroots-minded beekeepers to build community awareness of the bee industry. Such aims are important given the threats to bee colonies around the world from environmental changes; the indiscriminate use of pesticides; and from mite infestation.
With bee infections, the most prominent ones are the varroa mite, which is a major honey bee pest, and nosema, a fungal parasite. Other infectious agents include the parasitic tropilaelaps mite, the Asian honey bee Apis cerana and slow bee paralysis virus.
EcoBlend (@ecoblend_green) ""We will be at Bee Friendly to Bees Day on National Honeybee Day!
The decline in bees is also affecting consumers with some producers of honey engaging in unscrupulous practices. For instance, the grocery market has seen several attempts to contaminate honey with artificial sweeteners and syrups. Such measures dilute product quality. Provided this practice is stated in small print, within the U.S. the use of additives to honey is not illegal (unlike Europe where the practice is prohibited).
The practice of adulterating honey is easy to detect although it requires expensive equipment. Technology, according to New Food Magazine, like nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy enables the analysis of products to reveal all of its constituent ingredients.
Bee Brilliant (@BeeBrilli) "Bee aware of the upcoming national #HoneyBee Day comping up! #savethebees #beebrilliant."
The 2016 program also includes activities designed to promote beekeeping. The campaign for this year is called “Beekeeping: A Hobby with a Sweet Taste!” With this the website notes that “backyard beekeepers” are vital for neighborhood pollination.
Beekeepers at all levels can aid bee conservation through avoiding the use of insecticides; planting bee-friendly plants; and creating natural habitat gardens.
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