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article imageMan is shot trying to shoot an armadillo

By Tim Sandle     Aug 9, 2015 in Environment
Austin - This sounds like the opening line to a joke, but it isn't. A man in Texas was attempting to shoot an armadillo when the bullet deflected off the animal and hit the man in the face.
According to CBC News, this August a man was seriously wounded after he shot a bullet from his gun at an armadillo that had wandered into his yard. Such was the speed and angle that the bullet ricocheted back off the armored plating of the tarmadillo, that it hit the gunman back in his face. The incident happened in Marietta, Texas.
Talking with the news site, Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe noted about the man and the incident: "His wife was in the house. He went outside and took his .38 revolver and shot three times at the armadillo." However, none of the bullets penetrated the shell and one of them ricocheted back and caught the man's jaw. The man was taken to hospital, via helicopter, and is undergoing treatment.
The whereabouts of the armadillo are unknown. Armadillos are covered with a leathery armor shell. The shell is composed of plates of dermal bone, liked together via scales. They originated in South America, although many are found in the southern U.S. where some residents regard them as pests. This is due to the mammals disrupting land to dig for insects.
The news story has received wider publicity after in caught the eye of comedian Ricky Gervais. Gervais tweeted that the armadillo should be renamed #karmadillo (creating a portmanteau of karma and armadillo.)
This incident is not the first to occur in the U.S. this year. According to BBC News, earlier in April a similar bullet deflecting shooting of an armadillo occurred in Georgia. In this case a man fired a 9mm bullet at an armadillo. However, the bullet bounced off the hard shell, hit a fence, went through a backdoor and struck the man's mother-in-law.
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