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article imageLive WebCam: Watch new bald eagle drama unfold at Berry College

By Jacki Viles     Mar 13, 2014 in Environment
Atlanta - Welcome to the only live, streaming video camera of a bald eagle nest in Georgia, courtesy Berry College. Both cameras are equipped with infrared (IR) technology that allows viewing at night.
Several weeks ago Digital Journal highlighted the Berry College webcam and the livestream of the bald eagle couple waiting for their two eggs to hatch.
Since then over 5.5 million viewers have logged on to watch this young couple nesting high up in the trees of the North Georgia Mountains. With the help of social media we have all waited, watched and even prayed for them as nature preyed upon them.
The livestream continues this week, which you can view above.
People who were watching today witnessed a few terrifying moments as the mother eagle defended her only surviving eaglet baby (known as B3) against a predator attack.
The predator was another eagle! This one- a juvenile male, perched high above the nest. He taunted the mother as her terrifying warning shrieks were heard on the college campus grounds below.
The intruder made several very threatening passes for about 20 harrowing minutes and did not give up until the papa eagle showed up and ran him off.
The university photographers made it to the site in minutes and got some still shots of the action and the heartwrenching video can be seen here.
Reality TV is nothing compared to this. But don’t worry. If you have missed out on any of the action, I’ve included some of my favorite moments for you here:
January 14, 2014 - Mama lays the first egg.
February 18, 2014 – Night time: The Great Horned Owl Ambush
February 22, 2014- “B3” Eaglet hatched
As much as I don’t want to humanize these majestic birds, I couldn’t help but feel terrible for mama eagle as I watched her feed B3 on March 2. Her other egg had not yet hatched and it was way overdue, She was feeding B3 but watching papa eagle carefully as he very surreptitiously began digging a hole in the nest. She watched him push the overdue egg down into the hole to bury it. She didn’t stop feeding eaglet. But when papa eagle flew off she dug up the egg as if she refused to give up on it. You can watch this amazing moment here.
March 10, 2014- Mama eagle is frantic as another intruder takes her on! Could this be the same juvenile eagle that tried her patience this morning?
For the most up to date information and facts about bald eagles please check out the Berry College Facebook page. Many of you have asked how to contribute to the eagle cam stream expenses and I am happy to provide a link for them here. They have just added PayPal as an additional payment method. Please give what you can to this very worthy cause.
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