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article imageLiam Neeson's son, Daniel Neeson, talks eco-friendly fashion line Special

By Markos Papadatos     Feb 21, 2018 in Environment
Liam Neeson's son, Daniel Neeson, chatted with Digital Journal about his eco-friendly clothing line, Pine Outfitters, where he has partnered with the National Forest Foundation.
"Our partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) is very significant to us but more importantly for our country and planet as a whole," he said. "The NFF strives to aid the fight against deforestation. They preserve, maintain and help grow our national forests and grasslands through their tree planting programs that are supported by other partner companies. They have many unique programs to better our forests, grassland and ecosystems. Go check them out at their website. Our national forests maintain the essentials for life so it’s critical that we do our best to support them and inspire others. The team at NFF are amazing people to work with and we look forward to growing our relationship with them."
Regarding the success of his clothing line, he said, "It feels like a dream honestly. I couldn't be more grateful for my team and all the support we have been given and have. As each day unfolds we see new opportunities to grow our brand. Each day we look forward to meeting new people, working hard, learning and improving our mission to promote a trendy unique clothing line and an extremely significant mission. I am thrilled."
"Our plans are endless and we have some really cool gigs lined up," he foreshadowed, about his future goals. "Some plans I can't mention because they’re top secret, but we are excited to share them with everyone soon. I can tell you that we’re planning on opening a pop up store in New Orleans this spring and we’re having another pop up this summer in New York City. We just launched some awesome T-shirts made from recycled water bottles that are online now and our hats are launching within the next two weeks. Comfortable and trendy apparel and an even better cause. Not only can you look steezy but you’re planting trees at the same time."
He noted that his father, Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson, has been their biggest fan since day one. "We are beyond grateful for his support. He's also the best looking guy rocking Pine, don't ya think? He loves the clothes but he's in love with our mission to embrace the wild side and save trees."
On the inspirations for his designs, he revealed, "The thrill and beauty of our environment inspires our designs. How we're all able to be creative and wild in our environment wherever it may be. Whether that's through extreme sports, adventure or curiosity. We love to see the trends that people are following and adapt to fashion movements but we want to pave the way to create different styles while keep a simple and unique look."
Daniel elaborated, "Our motto, 'Embrace the Wild Side,' is our rock and serves as multiple messages. Our motivation is the people of this earth embracing who they are as individuals. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are or what you look like. Everyone has something to offer to this life and we’re exciting to learn from them. Seeing our environment the way it is and the way it’s changing is our underlying motivation. The fashion is our focus and the environment is our passion."
Digital transformation in the fashion industry
On the impact of technology in the fashion industry, Daniel said, "Technology continues to wow me. It offers so many unique services to not just the fashion industry but to every field. To me, it's mind-blowing. Anyone these days has the capability to start their own business. Technology offers that gateway. For example, you have Adobe Illustrator that offers cutting edge technology where your digital design shop is endless."
Daniel continued, "Apple's iPads even though have been in the game for a while continue to be a huge asset in the industry. I think 'Square' is one of the best services for any fashion enthusiast. You're able to have your products for sale on a smartphone or tablet and with their square docs and cc chips. You're able to sell anywhere! You can be in the park and still sell your products. I continue to learn the advantages of technology. Tech has made online shopping the most dominant it's ever been and continues to grow. The friendly, unique and smooth online market has taken away the interest to going to the store and resort to just shopping online."
In his daily routine, Daniel acknowledged that he uses technology a lot. "Whether that's designing concepts on my laptop or iPad. The iPad Pro is a great device to draw designs. It offers many cool tools to design and have fun with your work. I also love the old way and put pencil to paper. Most of my time though is on social media. I love finding new techniques and trends on Instagram and how we can improve our platforms and profiles each day."
For any aspiring fashion designers, Daniel noted that there are six essential traits that one needs to possess. These include perseverance, networking ability, believing in yourself and your team, being open to learning and to ask questions, sacrifice and passion. "Finally, believing that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Keep your head high, positivity and determination flowing and you will be unstoppable," he concluded.
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