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article image'Hero' the Calf's story of survival and inspiration

By Walter McDaniel     Aug 5, 2014 in Environment
Greenville - "Hero" survived a case of frostbite that should have killed him. It took his legs but he received prostheses which help him move normally. Soon he will be the star of a children's book series.
Hero was found in a field, freezing with infected legs which were slowly killing him. His story could have ended there on a very sad note but he was found by Kitty Martin and her husband Rick. Animal rescue was already something they had an interest in so they brought him back to their ranch. They cared for Hero until he was healthy again. He eventually recovered and was ready for surgery. Nearby veterinary specialists gave him hi-tech legs which work like his real ones do.
What makes his story even more interesting is that he has become a media darling. With a popular Facebook page and significant coverage he is a very popular calf. According to his owner he is also being shown off in no less than three documentaries.
Unfortunately according to calls for funding and support in 2013 Hero continues to need medical attention. Since part of his legs are little more than bone and he is growing Hero will need more surgery over time until he is fully grown. At this point doctors will need to decide whether the prosthesis can last for his adult life.
Caretakers also opened up another funding campaign for this little calf that could which did not go as well. While details on the children's book deal are unclear owners have not called for more money recently so it may have solved their funding problems.
While media reaction and that of the public has been overall positive there are detractors. Some claim that as an unprotected species he does not deserve the amount of care and others say it's a "scam" to gather money for the owners. Kitty responded on her animal rescue page by saying that is a racketeering operation. Some other sources agree with this assertion.
As of now however things are looking up for the growing cow and his family. Selah Ranch also takes in other animals in the local community. Owners plan to use him as a therapy animal later on as well. Pet lovers interested in supporting their work or adopting animals can check the links above.
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