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article imageGoat brigade released to fight poison ivy in Boston

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 25, 2014 in Environment
Boston - City officials brought in goats to clean up large patches of poison ivy scattered about Hyde Park. According to reports the animals are fast, clean and efficient in removing these and are not hurt by the ivy at all.
"Goatscaping" signs created both an attraction for park visitors and told them to stay out of the goat's way. Herders led the animals in and stood by while they got to work on eating patches of ivy all over the park. Not only are these creatures immune to ivy breakouts, they are also quite quiet while eating and do not take up much space. After around an hour several patches were clear according to reports from the Boston Globe.
News such as this is important to environmentalists as it shows one of the many ways people use natural pest control. Many of those in the environmental activism sector believe this is the way to go and not using harsh chemicals.
Goats are not the only animals that can remove poisonous plants for people. Deer also eat some poisonous plants in the wild. Many animals have adapted to properly process these materials over time. Unfortunately deer are a bit harder to manage than goats since humans on rarely attempt to herd them. Of course some wonder if we should herd them at all.
Goat landscaping is not the only sign that natural pest and plant control is on the rise. Sites all over the next host how-to guides on fighting pests with other insects and plants. Using natural wildlife to decorate your garden is also popular these days.
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