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article imageDoctor Who: Matt Smith keen to return for ‘10th anniversary’

By Mathew Wace Peck     May 22, 2014 in Entertainment
Former “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith may well be building a Hollywood career, but he’s keener than ever to return to the science-fiction television series that made him a household name around the world.
In 2013, Smith completed his four-year Doctor Who tenure in two specials: the multi-Doctor adventure The Day of the Doctor and the Christmas special The Time of the Doctor.
The Day of the Doctor — broadcast simultaneously around the world on Saturday, November 23 — marked the sci-fi drama’s 50th anniversary and saw Smith joined by three of his predecessors in the role: David Tennant (Tenth Doctor), John Hurt (War Doctor) and Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor).
As well as being Smith’s swan song, the series then marked another milestone with The Time of the Doctor — it was the 800th full-length story to have been broadcast since the show began way back in 1963.
Smith announced he was leaving Doctor Who last June, making no secret of wanting to try his hand in Hollywood, with Lost River (previously called How to Catch a Monster) and Terminator: Genesis being the first two he’s become involved with.
On Tuesday, he was in Cannes for the premiere of Lost River, Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, in which Smith plays Bully, a part he filmed in 2013, having taken time out from his Doctor Who schedule.
Matt Smith gets naked in Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor (2013)
Matt Smith gets naked in Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor (2013)
BBC / Doctor Who
At the beginning of May, it was announced that Smith would appear with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Genesis, as a character known to John Connor who would become more prominent in the subsequent two movies of the new Terminator trilogy.
He also made his first post-Doctor Who theatre appearance, in London’s West End, playing the lead, Patrick Bateman, in a musical adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’s American Psycho.
I’ll be back!
Smith made his latest comments regarding Doctor Who at this year’s Calgary Expo.
“I’m just waiting for the next anniversary. I spoke to Steven [Moffat, Doctor Who showrunner] the other day and said, ‘What’s the quickest one we can do?’”
Referring to multi-Doctor adventures, the 34-year-old said, “I love the idea of other Doctors coming back. Also, that gives me the opportunity to come back – which I totally will, by the way!”
As previously reported, Smith revealed that he agonised over whether to leave the series or continue for another season — a fact reiterated by his Doctor Who producer Marcus Wilson in this month’s Doctor Who Magazine – and this isn’t the first time he has referred to returning to the show in a guest capacity.
Fans of the show are very open to seeing him return. Den of Geek welcomed the news — “You couldn’t be more welcome, Matt.” — and asked the question, “Now which anniversaries are approaching?” A question answered by Doctor Who TV: “Well there’s always the 10th anniversary of the revival next year!”
Return of the Doctors
As a television series, Doctor Who returned full time on March 26, 2005 – which means that 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of its revival. Although no official word has been made, discussion of an anniversary special next year has gained momentum. Given the continuing global interest in Doctor Who and the tremendous success of The Day of the Doctor, it’s likely that the BBC would be only too happy to do something else.
However, would another multi-Doctor episode restrict itself to the 21st-century Doctors, as, essentially, The Day of the Doctor did? Or would Moffat bow to pressure and give fans one in which all the surviving Doctors appeared?
Last year, Moffat’s argument at not doing so, was that the actors concerned looked very different to how they did when each was the TARDIS incumbent. However, to the surprise of almost everyone, the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, and Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann did make appearances — Baker in The Day of the Doctor and McGann in the minisode prequel, The Night of the Doctor.
Baker was billed as the Curator, but still unmistakably the Doctor, and, fans argue, something similar could be done with the other 20th-century Doctors, as played by Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. With McGann, it’s easier, since, although his Doctor appeared in 1996, he was never seen to complete his tenure on screen till 2013’s The Night of the Doctor, meaning McGann has already aged as the Eighth Doctor.
The Attire of the Doctor: Peter Capaldi in costume as the Doctor
The Attire of the Doctor: Peter Capaldi in costume as the Doctor
BBC/Steve Brown
The 2014 season of Doctor Who has been filming since the beginning of the year, with Peter Capaldi having taken over the role from Smith in the closing moments of The Time of the Doctor. Although he has already appeared as the Doctor in that story and, very briefly, in The Day of the Doctor before it, his debut proper is expected this autumn.
This year, writers include Moffat, Mark Gatiss (Game of Thrones), Jamie Mathieson (ALT) and Steve Thompson (Sherlock). Peter Bennett (The Mummy Returns) and Tracie Simpson (Baker Boys) have both returned to the series to produce Capaldi’s first season, as they did for Smith’s, in 2010. They take over from Marcus Wilson (The Sarah Jane Adventures), who bowed out along with Smith at the end of 2013. Directors on board this year include Ben Wheatley (A Field in England) and Rachel Talalay (Kyle XY).
A Christmas special – the ninth consecutive one since 2005 — is once again scheduled for transmission on Christmas Day.
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