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article imageAmazon tribe takes direct action against illegal loggers

By Kev Hedges     Sep 5, 2014 in Environment
The Ka’apor Indian Amazonian tribe seem to be fed up with the lack of action against illegal logging in their state, so they have decided to take the law and matters into their own hands.
By all accounts, the Amazonian warriors are seeking out illegal logging teams and capturing them, removing their clothing and ordering them out of their state of north-eastern Maranhao in Brazil. The government of Brazil, which should be policing the illegal logging, is doing too little to stop the destruction of the rainforest, so the Ka'apor, along with four other Amazonian tribes, have combined together to hunt down the loggers.
Once the loggers have been captured by the warriors, they are stripped naked and all the logs they have already cut are destroyed so they cannot be used to make profit. In most cases the warriors are using the illegal loggers' own tools and machinery to destroy the work already done.
The Ka'apor are an ethnic band of Brazilian indigenous peoples that have faced violence and warfare for years, just to try and save the destruction of their only homeland forest. Since the early 1980s deforestation has turned vast swathes of lush rainforest into cattle fields, palm oil acres, small towns, paddy fields and huge ranches with dusty roads.
The Ka'apor have already seen one third of their land destroyed and several new diseases and ailments brought in by those that seek to turn the rainforest into developed land area. Those responsible are mainly landless peasants, loggers acting as labourers with many recruited by locally corrupt politicians.
Once the illegal loggers have been captured the images are then photographed and distributed to the outside world to serve as warning against those willing to destroy virgin forest regions in the Amazon. Click here to see some of the images of illegal loggers being captured in the Alto Turiacu Indian region.
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