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article imageDrug smuggling: U.S.customs finds cocaine in packages of custard

By Marcus Hondro     Dec 11, 2014 in Crime
Drug smuggling doesn't usually get this sweet: a woman was caught trying to smuggle cocaine into the U.S., okay, allegedly, in packets of custard and milk powder. She was trying to do after arriving on a flight in New York.
K-9 Unit dog catches cocaine smuggling
Her downfall seems to be something you or I would surely have figured out: customs have dogs that are trained to sniff out that sort of thing and there are many of them on duty at the John Kennedy F. International Airport. The woman was coming from Georgetown, Guyana, but was an American citizen.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection released a statement saying that one of their K-9 unit dogs told them, obviously not in words, that something inside one of the woman's suitcases had the rather distinct, to the dog, smell of contraband to it.
They found 3 large packages of custard powder and three large packages of milk powder. They tested the contents and sure enough the K-9 unit dog's nose was correct - it was cocaine.
The woman, or someone else, had taken the time to take out the custard powder and milk powder and replace it with cocaine, and then managed to seal all the packages back up. Naturally the woman who had brought the contents into the U.S. was taken in to custard-ody - bad joke, yes - and will be hit with federal narcotics and smuggling charges.
Comments on Cocaine and Custard
A clearly older commenter (given the reference) online said this about the incident: "Wasn't that the same recipe Aunt Bea used to make for Barney Fife when he had to pull an all night guard duty when Otis the town drunk was sleeping one off in a cell in the Mayberry sheriff's station?"
And finally another commenter wrote: "Why yes, yes, I think I will have a second slice of that custard pie,... yes, yes, no-- a little bigger,... bigger, know, that's really really good custard pie there, yes, yes, really really good custard pie...."
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