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article imageWhat is Operation Endeavour?

By Alexander Baron     Jan 19, 2014 in Crime
What is the connection between the Northamptonshire town of Kettering and the Philippines? Would you believe an organised, international paedophile ring?
For years, we have been warned about national and sometimes international paedophile rings who organise child abuse on a massive scale, and sometimes worse. Many of these allegations have come from unreliable, sensationalist or just plain crazy sources, and we may cite Mary Whitehouse including her successors, and the Hollie Greig campaign in this connection.
Now it appears that these warnings were less sensationalist than prophetic, because Britain's National Crime Agency has recently been involved in an operation that saw paedophiles here in the UK gaoled for sex offences incited and committed in the Philippines. Shocking as that may be, those carrying out the abuse were the relatives including the parents of the victims.
The UK end of the joint international operation to smash this obscene racket is called Operation Endeavour, and it was set up by the NCA in 2012.
In March last year, a man who ran an organised ring from his Kettering home was gaoled for eight and a half years.
There have been a number of updates from the legal authorities, but the story really broke only last week. Here in the UK, the BBC reported that 17 Britons have now been arrested in an investigation that spans 14 countries. There have so far been a total of five convictions in the UK, and more are expected worldwide.
The authorities are naturally being less than graphic in their reporting of the details, but there are similarities in places with the recent shocking case of Ian Watkins.
Another paedophile here in the UK was given a 14-year sentence last month. St Albans Crown Court heard that Michael Eller "directed filmed rapes of young children live on the internet".
At the other end, the perpetrators were provided with webcams and paid about $30, which appears to be the going rate in the Philippines for a child's innocence. Clearly there can be no excuse or mitigation for this kind of behaviour by either the organisers or those who carry out the criminal acts on the ground.
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