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article imageVideo: Carjacker tries to steal car from the wrong woman

By Megan Hamilton     Oct 2, 2014 in Crime
Manchester - We've all heard the tired cliché that "crime doesn't pay," but this is especially true in the case of one thug who tried to pull off a carjacking when Deborah Smythe, 52, briefly hopped out of her Audi Q3 to open a gate at work and he hopped in.
As the thug soon found out, he messed with the wrong woman. Smythe wasn't going to have any of that nonsense. It's amazing what a momentary crisis can inspire someone to do, and she was most likely spurred into action because her handbag containing passports and other valuables was in the back seat in preparation for a trip to Tenerife later that day, Yahoo! reports.
As soon as the thief put the car in reverse, Smythe tripped briefly, but then she was right there and grappling with him. No way was she going to let this guy go without a fight,The Daily Mail reports.
The thief fights back, but nevertheless, the determined mother of two continues grappling with him while hanging halfway out of the car. Then he reverses forcefully, nearly dragging her under the front wheels.
It's not long before Smythe regains her footing and continues her battle as the thug drives the car back and forth numerous times for another several seconds. Finally discouraged, the would-be thief hauls himself out of the car and runs away, per The Daily Mail.
"She's a little warrior," her daughter Louise Fielding told The Daily Mail. "She's bruised all over but she wouldn't let go. She was saying 'It's my car, you can't have it.'"
"She told me she saw him and the adrenaline kicked in, she would not let the car go, she was like 'That's my car, you're not having it,' especially as it had her passports in her handbag on the backseat." She was also carrying $1,000 in her purse, The New York Daily News reports.
The video was taken by security cameras at a local gym. Louise Fielding posted the video on the social media in the hopes of catching the would-be car thief.
"I hope the video helps catch this man," said her other daughter, Jade Fielding, per The Daily News. "It is typical of her to go to work on the morning she is going on holiday, she can't relax. There were other people passing, but no one came to help her. I was a bit mad about that."
Indeed it would have been nice if someone had helped her, but if the struggle had gone on much longer, the carjacker might have been the one who needed help.
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