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article imageVet who killed cat with arrow through head to be charged: Sheriff

By Marcus Hondro     Apr 22, 2015 in Crime
That Texas veterinarian who shot a cat through the head with a bow and arrow and then posted a disturbing photo of herself with the dead animal is going to be charged. The Sheriff's office has investigated and posted the decision on Facebook Tuesday.
Vet kills cat in backyard
Dr. Lindsey, 31, killed Tiger the cat and thousands of Facebook users have since condemned her, and asked for charges. There were concerns she would not be charged but the case, the Sheriff's office said, is now in the hands of the law.
"At 7:59 this morning, the Austin County Sheriff completed the investigation of the Animal Cruelty case first reported to us last Friday," Sheriff Jack Brandes' office posted. "The completed case file has been turned over to the Austin County District Attorney for filing of charges under Texas Penal Code 42.092."
Dr. Lindsey stalked Tiger, who she spotted in her back yard. She shot the cat with the bow and arrow and posted a photo of her holding it up, the arrow still in its head, and wrote: "My first bow The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it's head. Vet of the year award...gladly accepted."
She later wrote a post telling friends not to worry about her being fired for it because she was "awesome" and no one would fire her. Upon learning all of this, the clinic she worked for fired her. They also said they were "absolutely appalled, shocked, upset, and disgusted" by their former employees actions.
Reaction on Facebook
After word of her deed got out, a Facebook page was begun called 'Justice for Cat Murdered by Kristen Lindsay' that has over 44,00 likes. Here are some of the reactions posted on Facebook to her killing Tiger, a family's pet that had been missing for two weeks:
"She killed an elderly couple's companion," Matt Herceg commented. "She brought stress and heartbreak to people. Licensed revoked is a must. I hope she gets sued, from the clinic, from the Tiger's owners and from any pet parent who's pet was under care...this needs to follow her around for the rest of her life."
Some posts are from abroad: "People are worried," Rachel Baker wrote. "Worried that Miss Lindsey is going to get away with such a terrible cruel act. Still watching from England!"
Posters are supporting all cats: "Regardless of it being someone's pet or not this "girl" needs to face charges," Deb Tawni Patterson wrote. "She took an oath to help animals and I believe even if it were a feral tom it was still not deserving of being hunted down...and in a city no is not the wild wild west. I hope they take her vet license! She is a psychopath."
There has been no comment from Dr. Lindsey.
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