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article imageTwo teens being charged after faking a kidnapping at Taco Bell

By Alex Allen     Mar 13, 2015 in Crime
Two teens in Ohio were arrested and are facing misdemeanor charges after a prank at a Taco Bell drive-thru went horribly wrong.
Pranks are not always funny in the eyes of the police and that's exactly what two Ohio teens found out when their drive-thru kidnapping prank went south. It was just after midnight on Wednesday when local officials say the two teens (a male driver and a female passenger) pulled up to the drive-thru window at a Taco Bell in Akron.
As the teens were ordering their food, an employee working the window says the girl in the passenger seat leaned forward and gave her a look "like she needed help." At that moment, 19-year-old Ashley Boyer noticed that that girl's hands were bound and she had duct tape over her mouth.
As the teens left, Boyer took down the license plate number on the SUV and called the police to report the incident. The police arrived at the Taco Bell before heading out to search for the gold Ford Explorer Boyer described. It took police several hours to locate the vehicle but once they did, they say a long conversation led to the teens admitting that the kidnapping was staged. They say they were "bored" and decided to pull a prank on the workers at the restaurant.
The police didn't find the teens' prank very funny, however. In fact, they are each facing charges of "delinquency by means of inducing panic," which is a misdemeanor charge. Neither of the teens has been identified because they are both juveniles and are only facing misdemeanor charges.
Another kidnapping 'prank' resulted in an arrest earlier this year when a Missouri mother recruited one of her co-workers to kidnap her six-year-old son to teach him a lesson about "stranger danger."
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