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article imageTeen pimp sentenced as adult for 'trail of terror' in Ottawa

By Megan Hamilton     Nov 5, 2014 in Crime
Ottawa - A teen girl in Ottawa has been sentenced as an adult for her role as ringleader in a notorious prostitution ring that trafficked other teen-aged girls.
Kailey Oliver-Machado will receive credit for the 878 days she's already served.
This means she still has two years, 325 days left in her her sentence. Defense lawyer Ken Hall said he is considering an appeal, according to The Ottawa Citizen.
On Tuesday, justice Diane Lahaie found Oliver-Machado, 18, guilty of 27 offenses against five teen girls and made the rare move of sentencing her as an adult, calling her crimes "despicable."
Oliver-Machado was 15 when she was arrested and originally faced 32 charges, but two charges were dropped and she was acquitted of three others. She pleaded not guilty to all charges. Two other teenagers who were also allegedly involved entered guilty pleas in September 2013 for their roles in the violent prostitution ring, CBC News reports.
Oliver-Machado allegedly lured young girls into engaging in sex acts with older men, and there were seven victims, ranging in age from 13 to 17, CTV News reports.
As the trial played out, three girls described how they were taken to johns, forced to perform sex acts, and then hand over their earnings.
"They were basically lured over to the accused's house, sometimes for a sleepover. One girl brought her fuzzy pajamas and her teddy bear," tweeted CTV's Joanne Schnurr from court. "And one by one individually, over a span of a few months, they would be drugged, they would be photographed naked, they would be beaten, their cellphones were stolen and they would be literally dragged into a car and taken to a john´s house and forced to perform sex."
At a sentencing hearing held in October, the youngest victim said she has suffered nightmares and was diagnosed with PTSD. She eventually had to leave Ottawa because of the horrible situation.
In the victim impact statement that she was too emotional to read herself, the victim said she thought she was going to a sleepover at a friend's house. Instead, she wound up drugged and forced to perform oral sex and was threatened with being thrown off a balcony, Schnurr reported last month, CTV News reports.
Another victim told the court that she has contemplated suicide.
Investigators have praised the victims for coming forward despite the terrible ordeals they went through.
"If it wasn't for the girls, we wouldn't be here today," said Ottawa Police Sgt. Kelly Lyle said outside court on Tuesday. "It was their strength that got us here today."
The sentencing sends a message to anyone who might consider engaging in similar behavior, said Det. Carolyn Botting.
"I think this sets a pretty clear tone for youth considering this is an alternative lifestyle, as an employment opportunity," she said.
At her sentencing hearing last month, Oliver-Machado pleaded for a youth sentence and issued a tearful apology to the victims, CBC News reports.
"No words could ever convey how solemnly sorry I am," she said in front of Lahaie, per CBC News. "I am far from perfect but I'm definitely not the same girl I was at 15."
"I realize the pain I inflicted on my victims and their families was extremely wrong and I will forever live with the guilt and regret of my vile actions ... I pray, Your Honor, take a youth sentence into consideration because unlike before I have aspirations for my future and I'm striving to become a better person."
The young woman's mother has worked as a prostitute, and Oliver-Machado has lived in a home inundated by drug use. Hall argued in court that she is not a victim but a "product of her upbringing."
Under Canada's Youth Criminal Justice Act, Oliver-Machado faced a maximum sentence of three years, and under the adult Criminal Code, she faced a minimum sentence of five years.
A pre-sentence report noted that Oliver-Machado is narcissistic, sociopathic, manipulative and is considered a high-risk for re-offending, per The Ottawa Citizen. Despite this, Lahaie urged her to use her prison time to look inward and examine herself. She also urged the young woman to focus on rehabilitation, a process that could take five years or longer, according to the report.
"You could, if you choose to, make a positive contribution to society," Lahaie said, adding that the teen girl had frequently been absent at school, but while incarcerated has studied hard and is now close to receiving her high school diploma.
For the victims and their families, Oliver-Machado's sentencing has brought a little closure. Two Ottawa police officers who were involved in the case said that the victims and their families were happy with the verdict, CBC News reported.
"I think it's important to recognize it was the girls that came forward with their families who have suffered through this as well," Botting said. "This is a long road ahead for them. That's what's important to remember in [cases of] human trafficking and slave labor."
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