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article imageSeattle Prosecutor drops seven month's worth of marijuana tickets

By Justin King     Sep 23, 2014 in Crime
Seattle - Almost 100 people have had tickets for marijuana possession dismissed after the prosecutor discovered most of them were written by one officer who happens to disagree with voters over legalized marijuana.
The tickets were written by Officer Randy Jokela, who is now the subject on an Internal Affairs investigation. Each ticket carried a fine of $27, and the prosecutor is seeking refunds for citizens who have already paid the fine. A high percentage of the tickets issued by Jokela targeted homeless and black citizens. Just under half of the tickets listed homeless shelters as the address for the suspect.
Jokela disagreed with the decriminalization of marijuana and referred to the voter-approved law as “silly.” The law allows people to smoke marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes in private. Public use is still subject to modest fines. Jokela reportedly issued about 80% of the tickets written in the entire city during the first half of the year. The vote to legalize marijuana happened in 2012, and approved its private use for citizens over 21 years of age.
The Seattle City Attorney, Pete Holmes, said
The police do not write the laws. They enforce the laws. You can't be a legislator out on the street.
Some of the tickets written by the rogue officer were addressed to “Petey Holmes,” an obvious reference to the attorney who supported campaigns to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. In one instance, the officer made two suspects flip a coin to determine who would receive the fine. Jokela was reassigned for a period, but is now back on patrol.
The Seattle Police Department has stated that it has recently told its officers that they should provide a verbal warning to citizens before writing the ticket for public use of marijuana.
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