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article imageOp-Ed: Piers Morgan pens scathing indictment of Garner N.Y. grand jury

By Marcus Hondro     Dec 4, 2014 in Crime
Piers Morgan isn't known to mince words but is known for a trenchant writing style that cuts to the core. He has weighed in on the failure of the N.Y. grand jury to indict and if you agree with the decision you may not want to hear Morgan's views.
But if you disagree, read on.
Currently the editor-at-large in America for the U.K.'s Mail Online, Morgan hits the ground running in a piece he wrote and published Wednesday. If the headline isn't enough to tell you where he stands — We should ALL be outraged by Eric Garner: The cops can’t be allowed to keep getting away with murder — the fourth paragraph down surely is.
"Let us not mince words; the NYPD unlawfully killed Eric Garner," Morgan writes. "No ifs, no buts, no mealy-mouthed excuses. They took an unarmed black man flogging dodgy cigarettes, bundled him to the ground and brutally choked him to death."
Piers Morgan and the N-word
Now should you think that the former host of CNN does not examine issues that concern African-Americans with an open mind and sides with the black community no matter the details, think again. His column from November 10, If black Americans want the N-word to die, they will have to kill it themselves, sent a barrage of criticism his way, from blacks and others.
In that column on the N-Word, as always, and as he does with the column he published today, he is straightforward and writes brazenly. The column is a very good read, whether you agree with his views or not, and you will leave it knowing he's passionate about justice and about everyone getting a fair chance in this life.
In his piece on Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the killing of Eric Garner and the failure of the grand jury to indict Pantaleo, Morgan cries murder in the most extreme, noting that the NY police themselves banned the chokehold more than 20 years ago (which is true, they banned it in 1993).
"So the NYPD," he writes. "Led by Officer Pantaleo, killed him in direct violation of their own code of conduct, and in a manner which if you or I did it, would lead to serious criminal charges."
He weighs in on the killing of Michael Brown and that failure to indict as well: "After the equally inexplicable Michael Brown grand jury ruling, there just seemed to be a general assumption that Eric Garner’s death would also be ruled perfectly OK by the U.S. justice system. Justice? This is not justice. This is a shameful farce that disgraces America."
Opinions well set down
There will be those who say the man is anti-cop. But he addresses that by noting that most officers are "dedicated people who do their best to fulfill their duties in a professional, and where the occasion arises, compassionate manner" and that the New York police have worked diligently to make the city safe.
"It’s not easy being a cop," he points out. "Especially in America where there are 300 million guns in circulation, creating a permanent sense of understandable tension and paranoia about who may have one, and whether they will use it."
The man who has been a panel member for America's Got Talent precisely because he has opinions and knows how to articulate them, pointed out that Eric Garner was not a saint, and likely Michael Brown was not, either. But he called their actions "misdemeanors" and suggested having their lives taken from them over such acts was the real crime.
That's the word according to Piers Morgan and like it or not, he's not only got a right to express it, he sounds right when he does.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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