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article imageOp-Ed: UK paedophile ring — Dodging the apocalypse, but for how long?

By Paul Wallis     Dec 20, 2014 in Crime
London - Is the UK a nation of little Jimmy Saviles? It might be. Recent revelations about systematic protection of high level VIPs and MPs regarding paedophilia and even murder of abused children is oozing along as slowly as the BBC’s response to Savile.
The allegations are horrific and many date back decades. The core of the latest round of allegations is that a group of VIPs engaged in regular abuse of children acquired for them in locations around London and the UK. One boy was allegedly killed in front of a conservative cabinet minister by two men in the course of an “orgy.” Another was said to be deliberately run over and one boy allegedly strangled.
Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)  becomes the first female leader of the Conservative Party  beating fi...
Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), becomes the first female leader of the Conservative Party, beating first Heath and then Willie Whitelaw, (L), on the second ballot.
Photo by SSPL
Many allegations have been around for quite a while, apparently. The far more serious, damning allegation is that these incidents have been being reported for years, but no official action has resulted. Some allegations date back to 1980 and beyond.
Protecting paedophiles and criminals? It’s all normal.
It will be recalled that the allegations about Savile took until after his death to emerge in public. Until his death, he was untouchable, despite obvious knowledge and complaints which went nowhere for decades. The usual pattern is that people in positions of “leverage” are immune to any action by their victims. Some abuse allegedly happened regularly in the home of London’s rich and ridiculous, Dolphin Square. It can be said that the allegations refer to routine abuse of young children, mainly boys.
The prognosis is bleak for the victims. Worldwide paedophile investigations have landed a few famous names — and, bizarrely, let some go. Generally speaking, the pattern of abuse is very slow and slack.
Why? The usual reasons for authorities not doing their jobs are:
Corruption: A few thousand goes a long way to soothing official angst.
Fear: Criminal protection of “clients”, particularly rich clients isn’t exactly unknown.
Stupidity: Unknown in the UK until recently, last week, actually, it’s believed to have been imported and become widespread among the fabulously incompetent and it’s doing very nicely, thanks for asking.
The more likely reason, however, is far more banal than these exotic scrapings from the backside of insanity — guilt by association. Those who have to investigate are directly associated with many of those who would be investigated. The so-called Establishment rarely if ever investigates the Establishment, certainly not enthusiastically, or with any real motive to discover anything.
The “cabinet minister” above, for example, would have been one of Thatcher’s ministers. The stench would spread, far around the sainted halls of Westminster where stenches tend to linger. It’s difficult to imagine the average cowardly western politician — and many of them are well below average — leaping to the assistance of anything or anyone which could rebound on themselves.
The anger spreads
The more interesting news is that the genuine anger regarding this news has even penetrated the craniums of that sometimes far too bovine species, the UK public. Pure hatred is emerging in online commentaries, and some interesting memes. The UK Daily Mirror has been at the front of the charge, and if the results have been less than impressive so far, unlike the rest of the UK’s sorry attempt at a democratic media, the Mirror is at least trying.
Another major contributor of online media regarding the paedophile allegations is David, which has become a default aggregator of information regarding the paedophile allegations.
Icke hasn’t been pulling punches, promoting and publishing all related news including alleging that Scotland Yard hid an MP’s name and buried complaints. There are also allegations of the murder of a Scottish National Party member regarding related allegations. (Yep, there are a lot of allegations about allegations. Lousy usage, but how else would you describe it?) The main issue for Icke seems to be finding enough space on the website to keep track of the Paedophile Apocalypse which has been going on since the ongoing Savile revelations and expanding in ever-widening ripples.
I’ll confine my commentary to one statement: This collusion and corruption has been the norm since at least the early 60s in UK media. It’s well known, and a lot of people in the UK know a lot of other people involved. Savile was just the visible symptom of the disease. Others, many now dead, like well known UK criminals, “media identities” and other trash were also part of the mix. Wherever the investigation scratches and however inept its investigation, it will inevitably draw blood.
The conspicuous lack of effort is the most damning, incontrovertible evidence of all. That’s what’s convincing people the allegations are true. It’s also what’s getting people so angry. It’s quite clear that the political and corporate machines are protecting their operators.
Apparently not content with causing massive poverty and destroying the UK and Western world, the little dears have had time to abuse generations of kiddies and protect their repulsive, deformed friends. How sweet. Nice to know they’re as pathetic in their personal lives as their public lives.
The overall media silence is also damning. Nobody else has anything to say? Unlikely. Things only stop being news when nobody’s trying to report them. Typically, when anything hits the fan in the “upper echelons”, a sudden uncharacteristic silence is heard. Everybody disappears. The truly deafening silence in the Savile case and subsequent revelations that everybody, even local councillors, knew about it, is a case in point.
Don’t be surprised if just about anybody and everybody you’ve ever heard of in UK business, media and politics suddenly becomes news, if this doomsday weapon goes off. It’s all true, and remember — what’s “respectable” now tends to be what’s debunked and discredited tomorrow.
So, is the UK a nation of little Jimmy Saviles? So far, the answer is yes.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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