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article imageOp-Ed: The answer to mass shootings: There is none

By Cameron Christner     Dec 14, 2013 in Crime
The media and society in general have for years now been searching for a reason. A reason for the violence, which appears to be unpredictable. That's because it is.
People need to come to terms with the possibility that there is no answer. That gun violence and mass shootings are a commodity of modern human society. They are spontaneous and unpredictable, appearing without rhyme or reason.
The perpetrators all have their own motives, their own causes. Whether it's for political reasons, due to insanity, or bullying, you can't just pinpoint the cause and try and fix it. There is no one cause. There is no one solution. But there is a starting point.
There is something we can do, and it's not gun control. It's not giving more power to police, and it sure as hell isn't closing schools.
I think the best thing to start with is understanding. Try as we might, we do not yet understand the people who have committed these mass murders, because they have been closed off from society.
This is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. We need to talk to them, learn from them. Not on public television, of course, we don't want to make them celebrities. But we must begin to understand. Only then can we even begin to try and stop senseless murder.
Also, we can stop giving the killers what they want.
One common motive, not only with these shooters, but with society as a whole, is the need for attention. The need to be perfect in accordance with society's beliefs.
We all see the magazine covers, the celebrities on television with perfect makeup, looking happy and carefree, with all the jewels and cars they can buy. Children see this, and they want it.
They will do anything to become famous. To become what they have always dreamed of. To be perfect, in every way. Of course, some will eventually realize this is impossible, and that not even the people who they have worshipped all their lives are perfect, as much as they appear that way.
They start to have a vendetta against a society that has lied to them, and they lash out, sometimes violently. And the sad thing is, their efforts were not in vain.
They got what they wanted: to be famous. Or, more accurately, infamous, but it's really the same thing. So the blame must also fall on the media, which tells troubled youth that all they have to do is take their gun and shoot a bunch of people, and they will become a celebrity, a household name. I believe this is the cause of the rash of shootings that we have experienced since Columbine.
We fix this not by focusing on the perpetrators. We shouldn't know the names of the people who killed innocents. We shouldn't know what weapons they used, what they look like, or how they did it.
As a society, we must send a clear message that killing of innocents is unacceptable, and will be met with the swiftest and most terrible penalties. That does not include death. No. Death is a blessing to a killer.
Instead, these people must be regarded as the scum of society, below even rapists. We must not even give them the luxury of knowing their names. They must be completely erased, their individual efforts completely forgotten.
Only then will these people, if you can call them that, stop doing the unthinkable. We must not make them famous. We must not make them infamous. We must make them forgotten, in every sense of the word.
In a more general sense, obviously the fostering of peace, love, and hope in this world is an excellent start.
I have to believe that as humans evolve, become smarter and more unified as a single species, that violent and senseless crimes will slowly disappear.
The more we reach out to our fellow human, the more love and friendship there is in the world, the less people will feel the need to lash out against society.
We must also create a world that is much less politically correct, that is much more open-minded and tolerant. We must encourage creativity. We must embrace weirdness. And we must not be afraid to be wrong, to take chances, and to experiment.
I am convinced that if the young men who committed these crimes would have had an outlet for their emotions, they would not have felt the need to do what they did.
Children should not be afraid to be themselves. They must not be afraid of self expression, and that all starts with accepting others the way they are, not to mention ourselves the way we are.
In order to stop judging others unfairly, first we must rid ourselves of the need to be perfect. We need to destroy society's image of perfection, because it is unattainable. Once we realize this, we no longer have the need to judge others, and we free ourselves from our own expectations, removing the resentment that we all have for ourselves, but blame on society.
Right now, mass shootings and senseless violence are a commodity of modern human nature. There is no easy solution. Senseless violence has occurred since the beginning of man, and to change this fundamental human nature, we must evolve as a species.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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