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article imageOp-Ed: Rape and alleged rape in America's schools

By Alexander Baron     Dec 25, 2013 in Crime
Henderson - The case of Rachel Bradshaw-Bean is all over the media, even though she was allegedly raped three years ago. What is going on?
This highly emotive case - of an alleged rape of a seventeen year old schoolgirl in Texas by another student - is currently being reported more or less uncritically by many news outlets, including of course the usual suspects. Student reports being raped and gets kicked out of school, read most headlines. Where have we seen this before? Oh yes, the case of Landen Gambill, who was threatened with expulsion after "admitting" she was raped, carped on one of the gullibles.
A critical examination of the Landen Gambill story revealed an entirely different narrative, that of the campus rape industry.
Then there was the Duke lacrosse case that turned out to be anything but rape; the "victim" of that non-crime was recently convicted of murder.
There is though one truly bizarre case that would not be quite believable if the evidence to support it were not so thoroughly documented. Morgan Triplett was 20 years old and a student at UCSB when she filed a report of being raped on campus. An 11 day investigation revealed that she had met a man through Craigslist who had "agreed to brutalize her provided she pay him afterward with sexual intercourse." (Guys, don't ever reply to an ad like that, and gals, don't even think about placing one). Triplett's sentence included 60 days in gaol and 60 hours "mental health treatment". No reasonable person could doubt the wisdom of the second part.
False allegations of this nature are by no means as rare as the likes of Kat Banyard would have us believe.
It is tempting therefore for the skeptic to summarily dismiss this latest media outrage as yet more of the same, but before you do that, remember one word: Steubenville.
A closer examination shows what? That the alleged victim reported this attack promptly to a school official as required. And he did...this is where already we run into problems.
It beggars belief that even consensual sex between students appears to be a non-issue at that particular school, but because of this one individual's intransigence, there was an important delay in gathering evidence.
Here is a 4 minute plus report from YouTube that points out the existence of something that is almost always missing in cases of this kind: medical evidence.
The problem with so many rape cases is that they are she said/he said. In the absence of physical evidence a man who is not obviously a monster should be given the benefit of the doubt. That may sound harsh on real victims, but the alternative is far, far worse. When there is evidence though, of bruising, or as in this case something more serious, it is difficult to understand why the legal authorities appeared to dismiss it so summarily.
Rusk County DA Michael Jimerson is said to have responded: "We broke it down with her version of events and his. Her claims could not be substantiated. At the end of the day, I just know that objectively, there was almost no chance of a conviction. As a prosecutor, I have to be vigilant about the cases I pursue."
He said too that the language Bradshaw-Bean used when she was questioned about the incident “implied consensual sex instead of forcible rape.” And the transcript of this important interview is where? Aren't these things supposed to be at least taped, and surely in the case of a seventeen year old complainant they should be videoed?
So what is to be done? On the campuses of America, things play out differently, but a high school student is not an adult, even at seventeen. Students should not be having sex in school, period, and if this approach were taken and the rule enforced rigidly, there would be no she said/he said issue to consider.
Aside from that there are many other things that can be done; the nonsense espoused by the campus rape industry "Teach men not to rape" cuts no ice because they know that already, as do boys. There are though things that can and should be taught, and those lessons do not stop with the students. It is surely inconceivable that a teacher or any school official could tell a girl who is reporting a rape to "work it out" with her attacker.
The tide may be turning against this kind of irresponsible behaviour because in Ohio, former Steubenville schools employee William Rhinaman is being held to account in relation to this now notorious rape case. Mr Rhinaman was indicted on four counts in October. Yesterday it was reported that he is to stand trial in February next year. Maybe prosecutors in Texas should consider bringing a similar action against a certain individual?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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