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article imageOp-Ed: Nasty Amazon delivery scam, and it can cost you money

By Paul Wallis     Oct 6, 2017 in Crime
A very unkind Amazon delivery scam is spreading like a disease. It’s used to trick both Amazon and Amazon customers, and it’s being used by Amazon resellers. Be aware and be very wary.
The delivery scam is pretty straightforward, according to
Packages are falsified using Amazon tracking numbers. The fake packages are delivered to the wrong address. They may or may not have anything in them, but some associate of the scam signs for them. Amazon assumes the right package was delivered to the right address, and disputes naturally arise.
Meanwhile, the reseller gets free money. Think how many orders go through Amazon every day, and it’s a virtual industry in the making. You may be able to check with the delivery company, like FedEx, to prove you didn’t receive your order through the proper company, but maybe not, too.
There are ways of dodging this scam, as detailed by on the link above. Amazon Direct is the surefire method, because Amazon does the shipping. Amazon Marketplace is the risky one, which involves shipping by third party resellers.
Yes, Amazon has a problem
This is all well and good, but what if it means you can’t trust Amazon resellers? It’s not a good look. Nor are the likely court and class actions going to help either Amazon or customers.
Amazon does have an option here. They can kill offending resellers by simply banning them from Amazon. Complaints should be checked, and patterns of serial offenders, notably their profiles, as well as their individual issues, should be obvious.
Even the very usual trick of re-signing up under different names wouldn’t work too well with sufficient scrutiny. Types of goods, location, and basic account info could easily identify possible risks.
“Banned from Amazon” is effectively death for reseller scams. Getting kicked out of a global market isn’t a good move, even for scammers. Bearing in mind some of these guys may also be selling “legally interesting” stuff, attracting that much attention isn’t too smart, either. Amazon could easily report possible criminal actions (this IS fraud, and probably theft as well), too.
Meanwhile – This scam will naturally rebound on Amazon as a truly lousy public image issue. Needs a public statement, and some good, thoughtful selective head kicking to make sure resellers stay in line. This scam can’t be allowed to continue.
Just for the record, scammers – To hell with you. People buy things on Amazon in good faith to get things they may have been looking for for years. Amazon customers can take action against resellers on both statutory and civil grounds. Wanna go broke? We can help you with that. Disappear, maggots, and take your scams with you.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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