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Op-Ed: Kentucky clerk who refused gays marriage licences deserved jail

By Marcus Hondro     Sep 4, 2015 in Crime
Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis claims "God's moral law conflicts" with her job and the action she took to resolve that conflict has landed her in jail. I suspect that for most of us that is the correct outcome. Why? Because her argument is nonsense.
County Clerk jailed
Ms. Davis, who swears by the Bible yet has transgressed it with four marriages and having birthed two children out of wedlock, is not being forced to do anything. She has the legal right not to grant a marriage licence to a gay couple and does not have to transgress her beliefs, not one iota. She can resign from the position she was elected to or seek a transfer.
Instead she has chosen to grandstand.
The reality is that is not she who is allowing same sex marriage — it is the U.S. constitution. There was a Supreme Court ruling in June that guaranteed same-sex marriage rights in her country.
Davis is simply what she is called — a clerk. A bureaucratic official there to help effect her country's laws. There is no First Amendment violation of her rights whatever, as she and her lawyer claim, for if she does not want to help put into effect her country's laws, which she signed on to do when she took the job, she is indeed free to resign and petition for another government post.
Kim Davis: arrogance
It is her arrogance that led her down this path, not any violation of her rights. She is so dismissive of the belief of others and so uncaring about her country's Constitution that she's put her freedom into peril. She, her lawyer, her arrogant and callous supporters, have all put themselves in a higher position than the human collective that is the United States.
The ignorance is appalling. Do they really believe she is doing the honourable thing by refusing to do her job rather than step aside? Do they actually think Ms. Davis gets to declare what is and is not law in the U.S.? And do they really feel public opinion will ever shift back to their side? That we'll go back to a time when church and government were not separated?
The office she now-formely worked in is again providing marriage licences to same-sex couples so her stunt hasn't stopped the U.S. Constitution from working, and justice, and compassion, from prevailing. Kim Davis can stay in jail for however long she likes. Eventually I expect that she will negotiate some kind of transfer to another post, or a buyout and leave her job.
She'll be called a hero by a lot of ignorant and arrogant people but in the end love will have won yet another round as America, and the world, continues toward equality for all. And here's this: despite the Kim Davis' of the world we shall get there.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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