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article imageOp-Ed: How Big Brother caught THEM up to no good in 2013

By Alexander Baron     Dec 25, 2013 in Crime
People all over the world are getting hacked off with total surveillance, but there is an up side. Here are a few examples from around the world this year.
We are not concerned here with the revelations of Edward Snowden or anyone else. This is solely about cameras, in particular CCTV footage and those things people are increasingly walking around with in their pockets, handbags, and even on their cycling helmets. The following are in no particular order. We begin with a well-publicised outrage perpetrated against innocent members on the public who were having a fun day out.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is yet to stand trial for his alleged role in the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15. He certainly looks photogenic, especially for women of a certain type, but here are what is said to be him and his brother (now dead) on stills released by the legal authorities in an ABC News report.
Here is a short compilation clip of the actual bombing that was put together by ABC News again. These clips will be important trial evidence. Although CCTV cannot generally prevent a crime being perpetrated, it can help bring offenders to book, and discourage crime in the first place. But what if the criminal wears a badge?
Here is a police officer in Toledo, Ohio who appears to have lost the plot. The video includes a simulation of what is alleged to have happened before the citizens got their cameras rolling. The officer concerned was put on administrative leave while this incident was/is investigated.
Big Brother may be watching us, but he is also watching them. Still in the USA, here is some video without sound of a police officer throwing a woman into a cell. It is doubtful if he intended to cause the damage to her face you can see here, but he did it nevertheless. Curiously, her name is Cassandra and his name is Hart, as in the previous video. This is similar to the Pamela Somerville case of 3 years ago in the UK.
This is a man who has a camera, and he also knows the law. It has to be said though that he could certainly brush up on his etiquette.
Here is a very short video of a police officer apparently punching a demonstrator in the face at a Central London protest.
From very short to very long; if you are not familiar with the plebgate affair, check out some of the background to it. And here, courtesy of ITN, is some CCTV footage that proves however dishonest you believe our politicians may be, the police beat them hands down every time.
If Andrew Mitchell had been a lesser mortal than a Cabinet Minister, none of this would have come to light. By the same token, if you had lied so brazenly about a police officer, the Crown Prosecution Service would have had you in court so fast your feet wouldn't have touched the floor, but these people are so damned corrupt that even now this issue has not been resolved. Expect it to come to a head in the coming year, and hopefully if David Cameron wins a second term he will appoint Andrew Mitchell Home Secretary. Then we'll really see the feathers fly.
In South Africa under the Apartheid régime, people used to complain about the brutality of the white police. Now they simply complain about police brutality. The big difference though is that under Apartheid, people didn't walk around with mobile phone cameras in their pockets, so the brutality meted out to a taxi driver as here, would not have come to light in any meaningful sense. Certainly it would not have been splashed all over the media.
Elsewhere in Africa, plain old-fashioned graft continues to thrive; corruption in Nigeria is legendary, but in recent years the authorities have been taking positive steps to clean up their act. Here we see a police officer attempting to supplement his salary. Now he has no supplement and no salary.
Some may be worse than others, but police brutality and just plain brutality are universal, as is graft. Here is a short video from India. You may not understand the language, but you won't need Google Translate to understand what they are doing with their sticks.
There is a great deal more of this kind of material on YouTube especially. There is now a worldwide backlash against total surveillance and state intrusion into our lives, but before you get too alarmed about those cameras spying on you everywhere, remember, our masters may be watching you, but you in turn are watching them, and they don't like it anymore than you do.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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