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article imageOp-Ed: End of year false rape round-up

By Alexander Baron     Dec 26, 2013 in Crime
The usual suspects are forever telling us that rape is a vastly under-reported crime. Whether or not that is true, not all "victims" are what they would have us believe.
If you want to know how common are such false allegations, check out this timeline from the beginning of the Millennium.
All the cases below were reported on this year; they are in no particular order, but we will leave the one with the whackiest apologetics until last.
In Londonderry, Karen Ann Phillips received a suspended sentence for making a false rape allegation against a taxi driver. A detailed investigation, including of CCTV footage yielded nothing, or as the saying goes, the more they looked, the more it wasn't there. Indeed, the attack wasn't there, nor was the taxi driver, and eventually the non-victim admitted so.
She was told that she had escaped a custodial sentence only because no named individual had been put in the frame, and of course the judge added that she had done a great disservice to genuine victims of sexual assault.
As this woman was over forty at the time, it is clear that she was not a silly young thing, and that this was not a childish folly.
Ellen Crespin  who organised a vicious attack on an innocent man then tried to frame him for rape.
Ellen Crespin, who organised a vicious attack on an innocent man then tried to frame him for rape.
Hampshire Police Media Relations
Another case from the Emerald Isle saw a younger woman with revenge in mind receiving a 3 month sentence for an entirely different type of false rape allegation. Two years ago, Natasha Foster claimed she was attacked and raped in her own home by an ex-boyfriend.
Two days later she admitted she had fabricated the allegation, although it was not until September this year that she pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.
She was sentenced last month, when the BBC reported that the trial judge had said: "Every false allegation of rape increases the plight of those women who have been genuine victims of this dreadful crime."
If her claims had been believed, the victim of her spite would have received a considerably longer sentence.
A somewhat unusual case was reported from Portsmouth. This involved a man and a woman not only setting up the victim for a false rape allegation but subjecting him to a vicious assault. Ellen Crespin and her slow-witted brother-in-law Paul Jones lured David Martin into a trap then gave him a methodical beating. While he was about to be transferred to hospital he was arrested on suspicion of rape. The incident happened in November last year, and in December this year, Crespin as the ringleader received a sentence of 5 years 3 months while Jones was given a sentence of 4 years and 1 month.
Paul Jones  who assisted Ellen Crespin. He was given a sentence of 4 years 1 month.
Paul Jones, who assisted Ellen Crespin. He was given a sentence of 4 years 1 month.
Hampshire Police Media Relations
When Natasha Foster (above) was brought to book for her false claim, she at least had the decency to apologise; this was reported by the Belfast Telegraph on November 11. The same cannot be said for dedicated rape liar Gail Sherwood, and would you believe she has her foaming-at-the-mouth supporters?
Although her case dates from the beginning of the Millennium, she was back in the news this month when the agenda driven special interest group that styles itself Women Against Rape took up their cudgels for her again, that is if they had ever put them down.
Here is what the legal authorities say about her case: "Prior to making false rape allegations, Miss Sherwood caused the arrest of a totally innocent man who was driving through Stroud. This man was in police custody for nearly 24 hours. Although we cannot name him here, we thank him for assisting the prosecution in giving evidence against Miss Sherwood as the ordeal has been very traumatic for him and his family."
That is clear, is it not? In addition to wasting serious amounts of police time and resources that could have been used to investigate another rape or serious property offences, this woman caused the arrest of a totally innocent man, who fortunately appears to have spent no more than a night in the cells. But according to "Wimmin" Against Rape, the mere fact that she made these allegations is proof they are true, or at least that is the way it appears. Here is what they say on the Open Democracy website: "Gail Sherwood was raped three times by a stalker, forced to retract her allegations and sentenced to two years in prison."
This article contains all the usual specious arguments including of course the statistics about under-reporting of rape and the tiny percentage of false complaints. Absolutely no critical faculty at all, but what else would you expect from such fanatics?
According to the Daily Mail, which might on this occasion be believed: "Police arrested Sherwood on 18 June 2008 after a covert camera disproved her claim of being kidnapped from her home on 1 June.
Rather than being dragged from the house against her will, the video showed Sherwood calmly leaving the property on her own."
Why were the police following her with a covert camera? Because unlike Lisa Longstaff who wrote this "Open Democracy" guff, they had nasty suspicious minds. As Oscar Wilde might have said, to be raped once by a "stalker" is unfortunate, but to be raped by one twice is careless. And a third time? Which is where the concealed camera comes in.
One more tiny point, Open Democracy claims on its homepage to be: "a public service on the web" and to champion "human rights". It might like to rethink either its professed ideals or the quality of its contributors. Spreading lies on behalf of deranged women is not a public service, and a man who is arrested falsely on suspicion of rape might just think he has had his human rights violated, not by the police - who acted in good faith - but by the complainant who did not.
The fanatics of Women Against Rape are also continuing to support fantasist Layla Ibrahim, parroting her lies uncritically to both the mainstream and alternative media, who parrot them uncritically in turn. Ibrahim was given a chance to withdraw her false allegations but declined, even though four students were arrested on suspicion of this clearly faked attack, which is one tiny detail they never mention.
Last December, a young woman was raped and murdered in Dehli in horrific circumstances. It was not though this heinous crime but the non-reaction to it by the legal authorities that provoked the real outrage. With four of the perpetrators currently under sentence of death and serious attempts being made to change the way the police especially deal with sexual offences in India, this is not the time for any woman to make false allegations of this nature against any man. A report last month published in the on-line version of The Wall Street Journal highlights a disturbing new trend. According to the paper's Indian correspondents Tripti Lahiri and Preetika Rana, women are now making false allegations of rape maliciously. In a country where promiscuity is frowned upon (promiscuity by women at least), a man who lures a young woman into his bed by a false promise of marriage might find himself under arrest for something far more serious than acting like a cad. These women want either revenge or for the guy to do the decent thing. While one can have some sympathy for a girl who has been used in this fashion, this sort of behaviour falls far short of rape. What is needed, clearly, is for mothers to educate their daughters. They should start by telling them that Bollywood is only fantasy, and that the handsome prince who...kisses her may turn out to be a frog.
We end with two cases from the United States. Earlier this year the case of serial false accuser Sara Ylen was reported here when she was charged with filing a false report.
Sara Ylen
Sara Ylen
Police Photo
Her conviction earlier this month was widely reported. According to the Detroit Free Press, it took the jury less than half an hour to find her guilty of filing a false felony report and tampering with evidence. She is still facing other, unrelated charges. She will be tried for them in February after she has been sentenced for the above.
Finally, the best has been saved until last. What might the usual suspects claim if a white woman falsely accused a group of black men of raping her? Undoubtedly the word racism would appear somewhere in any verbal lashing. Now what is it if a black woman accuses a group of black men of raping her, and it turns out her story is likewise totally untrue. Would you believe that is still racism? This video speaks for itself. Here we see a senior police officer and the reporter explaining the facts of the case, that the only crime committed here was the filing of a false report by the non-victim, and then we hear a barrage of propaganda from "anti-rape" activists and, unbelievably, the non-existent racial angle is drawn by Rachel Talbot Ross of the NAACP who blames the dead white guys for it. The talking head backs up this nonsense quoting her on the "internalising" of racism.
Heck, this non-victim can only be a victim after all, she must be suffering from post-traumatic slavery disorder. Fortunately, the law doesn't work like that, and women who make false and malicious allegations especially against named individuals, for whatever reason, must continue to be held to account.
In August 2003, James Grissom was convicted of raping Sara Ylen (above). Grissom had a previous conviction for molesting a young girl, and as a repeat offender received a heavy sentence: 15 to 35 years in prison. After Ylen's numerous false allegations came to light, his conviction was quashed. In a videoed interview published by TheTimesHerald, he said he had lost everything, including his family.
Rape may shatter lives, but so do false allegations, and the ludicrous attempts not only to minimise their documented extent but to excuse the women who make them does no service to men, women, or the families of those wrongfully imprisoned.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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