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article imageOp-Ed: Deep Sleaze - Epstein guards charged for falsifying records

By Paul Wallis     Nov 19, 2019 in World
New York City - Deep Sleaze just got deeper. The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme has taken on a new dimension. The guards supposed to have checked on Epstein have been charged with falsifying records.
They didn’t check on him, and he was found dead in his cell. The guards have been charged with allegedly “making false records to defraud the United States by impairing the lawful function of a federal prison”.
The implications, however, are obvious. It’s well-known that anti-suicide measures are standard practice, and yet, they obviously weren’t in place in this case, or were somehow bypassed by Epstein or someone else. The suicide itself isn’t being believed on any level, on social media. It’s considered too unlikely that anyone with that level of connections would be simply ignored by those with something to hide.
Sleaze in high places – Too much connectivity with the A List?
Meanwhile, as this murderously, unspeakably sleazy epic of grotesque revelations grinds on seemingly forever, nobody seems to be putting any emphasis on the other facts. Epstein, not considered to be a particularly great or accomplished financier, was able to gain access to the top of United States society and internationally with ease.
How does an alleged sex trafficker of minors get such a vast range of friends, anyway? Was he a nice guy? Or maybe he was something else? The sheer number of claims of abuse by women are impossible to overlook. The alleged patterns of abuse are all pretty consistent.
Even if you ignore “who knows who”, which is pretty standard in rich society, there’s something disturbing about the known facts. A lower-tier financier is suddenly a popular guy around the US, based on what? Epstein wasn’t a top-tier financial guy, the sort who are pretty much part of the furniture in that league. He seems to have been surprisingly wealthy and well-connected for a B or C lister.
What does this ease of connection mean? Typically, the very rich are also very careful about who they mix with. (Or at least they were, before being a rich moron became an ideological statement.) So- How easy is it to get connected? Does just roaming the grade-schoolers give you an instant passport to America’s A List? Because that’s exactly what it looks like.
The urban myths are winning, and they’re making a point
He was everywhere, much like the allegations against him. He apparently knew everybody, and everybody knew him, even if memories seem a bit frayed about when and where. For a long time, conspiracy theories have been circulating about various people in high society doing very sleazy things. Nobody would be too surprised to find that at least some of these rumours are true, but on the alleged scale of Epstein, it’s a truly lousy look.
Deep Sleaze, Deep State, and/or Deep Problems?
Apart from Deep Sleaze, the Deep State is another much-banged drum. What if they’re the same thing? If any unelected, unremarkable, staggeringly uninteresting person can be an A-Lister, the impression is that anything that blows in through the door has access. That’s truly lousy security, and very naïve. Is the A List as dumb as it looks? It’s looking all too like it is.
The A List is supposed to be the big achievers, the very rich, and the epitome of success. Now, it’s just the pits, thanks to constant negative news and worse, so many negative facts. Epstein may be dead, but so is the A List myth.
Note: I don’t usually do any sort of articles on tiresome little bastards who are everyone’s little friend. This case, however, the rot is so obvious and so deep that it really is an issue. This was at the very top of American society, and look at the dysfunctional mess that society is in. If Epstein was a symptom, what’s the disease? Are the Deep State just more criminals, or is this “commuter country” for sleazebags and people with connections to top echelons?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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