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article imageOp-Ed: Northern Ireland crime increases in past two years

By Dawn Denmar     Feb 26, 2014 in Crime
The Office for National Statistics report today that 59 percent of respondents of a survey believe crime has increased in past two years. Major causes of criminal activity are perceived to be drug and alcohol abuse and lack of parental discipline.
The Northern Ireland Crime Survey 2012/3 has been issued by the UK Government this morning and indicates the following:
The survey has a continuous personal interview framework, with 4.055 adults who live in private households and has been part of the Northern Ireland justice framework since 2005.
The three most common factors identified as causes of criminal activity by respondents were drugs (68 percent), alcohol abuse (60 percent) and lack of discipline from parents (59 percent).
About three-fifths of people surveyed (59 percent) felt that crime in Northern Ireland had increased in the past two years.
About 10 percent of respondents believe antisocial behavior in their locality to be high —this figure has decreased from that quoted in the 2011/12 survey.
Fear of crime is more significant in Northern Ireland than in England and Wales. This is particularly prevalent among recent victims of crime (12 percent), residents in areas thought be high in antisocial behaviors (10 percent), residents of social, rented housing accommodations (10 percent), people with disabilities or limiting illness (9 percent), divorced people (9 percent), single parents (9 percent), people with household incomes less than £10,000 a year (9 percent).
Litter and trash in the streets is perceived to be a problem (24 percent).
It will be interesting to note whether the UK and Northern Ireland governments start to sit up and do something about this or will continue to "bang" on about historic issues in Ireland, involving terrorist activities and army shootings, about which they can do nothing unless they change legislation retrospectively, presumably.
Certainly, the issue on fear of crime in Northern Ireland is an interesting factor that is unlikely to be addressed by the current UK government, given its stance on welfare, benefits, and desire for weaker members in society to get back to work and stop being a drag upon the affluent.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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