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Man breaks into meat store, eats and goes to sleep for the night

By Marcus Hondro     Dec 2, 2014 in Crime
A man in Austin, Texas would appear to have needed a meal and a good night's sleep. Home? Nope. Invite yourself over to a friends? Nah. Maybe a hotel or even a motor inn? No to all of the above.
What this man did, his name is Ricardo Cardona, was to break into a business establishment. The place he choose is called Hudson's Meats and he was captured on video cameras, police say, spending a full 20 minutes bashing on the door to get through it and gain access to the place.
As KXAN-TV in Austin reports, Cardona, 28, was next seen on the surveillance video grabbing himself some sausages, it being a meat store. He had a bit of a meal.
He went outside, he came back in. Walking unsteadily, he opened the doors to the cooler but quickly stepped back, it was too cold. Cameras then show him going into the office, grabbing a coat, putting it on - better than no blanket - and going to sleep in a chair at the boss's desk.
Workers arrived in the morning and found him sleeping. They called the cops to deal with it and the man was quickly arrested. Well, it took a moment or two to wake him up.
Ashley Booth, the office manager there, took it well and noted that the man didn't go near the till or take anything but the sausages and a nap. The general manager of Hudson Meats, Scott Grumbles (can't resist this) didn't do any grumbling about it, either.
“It could have been 180 degrees from what actually happened," Grumbles said. "So we take it with a grain of salt and it’s quite entertaining now how it actually all played out and what happened."
Police say Cardona, who'd been out drinking, has been charged with criminal trespass. When arrested he told an officer "I do not work here, Sir."
No, I just eat and sleep here.
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