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article image'Let me survive this' says fugitive cop-killer lookalike

By Martin Laine     Oct 24, 2014 in Crime
Pity James Tully who has the misfortune of resembling Eric Frein, the object of a massive manhunt following the ambush shooting of two police officers six weeks ago, and who lives in Canadensis, Pa., the epicenter of the search.
The 39-year-old Tully says he has been stopped for questioning more than 20 times by law enforcement officials on his way to and from work. Usually, once he establishes his identity, he’s sent on his way. Last Thursday night was different, according to an article in the Pocono Recorder.
Tully works the night shift at a metal fabrication plant five miles from his home. Because he has child support and other bills to pay, he can’t afford a car, and so he walks to work — two hours each way, mostly along a heavily wooded road.
He says that he left work at midnight and was part-way home when an unmarked SUV pulled up next to him.
“The driver jumped out screaming like a lunatic,” said Tully. The man was wearing camouflage, and pointing a rifle at him. “From the minute I saw him with that gun, I thought let me survive this."
Tully said he did not see any badges or identifying tags on the man. “He yelled at me to get down on the ground with my arms out wide and he demanded my name.”
The man pressed his knee into Tully’s back, and kept asking for his name, which Tully kept repeating. He told the man he had identification on a lanyard around his neck, but it was under him. He said the man then yanked the lanyard from his neck, still demanding his name.
The incident ended when a state trooper pulled up and came over to the two. He recognized Tully from having questioned him earlier. They let him continue his walk home.
He could not finish work the next day because he was having trouble breathing. He was taken to the hospital, where he learned he had bruised ribs from the previous night.
“I’m worried about what is going to happen with the next one,” Tully said. “Is he going to shoot first and ask questions later?”
There is some hope on the horizon.
A local woman, Dawn DeBiase Witchy, opened an account Wednesday on the crowdfunding site, according to a story on the Fox News website. She hoped to raise $2,500 to help pay for a car and insurance for Tully. The website reports that 500 people had donated a total of $11,000 as of 6 p.m. Thursday.
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