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article imageFormer E.R. doctor sentenced for raping, killing pregnant woman

By Eric Morales     Dec 20, 2013 in Crime
Delaware - Delaware County prosecutors in Ohio contend a former emergency room doctor violated his oath when he murdered a woman and her unborn child.
Deanna Ballman, 23-years-old mother of two and divorced was pregnant with a baby girl she intended on naming Mabel when she died. Former emergency room doctor Ali Salim, 44-years-old plead guilty to raping the unconscious woman, who was nine months pregnant, and administering the fatal dose of heroin that caused her death.
Delaware County Judge Duncan Whitney said the crime was the worst he had ever seen in his years as a judge, while sentencing the former doctor to 36-years in prison. Six months were credited to the former ER doctor for time already served.
Ballman disappeared in July of 2012, her family said she had answered an ad to be a housekeeper. However, investigators determined the young divorced woman, with no financial support had in fact answered an ad on Craigslist to be a prostitute.
"That decision unknowingly but ultimately cost her and Mabel their lives," Delaware County prosecutor Kyle Rohrer said.
At sentencing Salim's attorneys contended that the 23-year-old Deanna, who is believed to had never used narcotics, injected herself with the fatal dose of heroin in Ali Salim's upscale Ohio residence.
The attorney's representing Salim did acknowledge that the ex-ER doctor did videotape himself having sex with Deanna Ballman, tapes that have since been ordered destroyed.
The tapes are alleged to depict Ballman nude on a bed in distress consistent with a heroin overdose, while Ali Salim is raping her. To investigators Salim insisted that Ballman left his home alive, however prosecutors contend that Salim left Ballman to die while he left the home to score more heroin.
"Without regard for mother or child, he dumped their bodies in a remote location as if he was taking out his trash," the court filings state.
Other women had come forward to state that they had answered Craigslist ads from Dr. Ali Salim before, and were drugged and raped while unconscious by the emergency room doctor. Ads posted on Craigslist show that Salim in the past had offered to provide drugs for prostitutes in the past.
In October Salim entered an Alfred plea to accusations that he had raped Deanna Ballman, essentially stating that he was innocent but there was enough evidence to convict him, while also pleading guilty to tampering with evidence and involuntary manslaughter.
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