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article imageThief in India fed special diet to expel stolen necklace

By Marcus Hondro     Apr 30, 2015 in Odd News
A thief in India — alleged, yes, but the police really caught this guy with the goods — is being fed a special liquid diet in an effort to get him to expel a necklace. It's there on the x-rays and is making its way through his system.
As the BBC reports, 30-year-old Anil Yadav was seen swallowing the jewelry in Delhi after he'd snatched it from a woman and was chased by police. Down the pike it went, just before he was caught. As the gold necklace is worth about 63,000 rupees ($995, or £648) (talk about a rich diet) it surely is the most expensive meal he's had, though probably the least tasty.
"We searched him thoroughly in the police station but did not find the necklace," Rahul Pawar of the police said. "Then some people who had caught him told us that they had seen him swallowing something."
X-rays showed the necklace to initially be in Mr. Yadav's esophagus, or food pipe (also called the "gullet"), but since the liquid and banana diet was begun, a subsequent x-ray has shown the necklace has done some traveling and had worked its way into his stomach.
There is debate in the police station as to what Yadav should be given to aid in the expelling of the jewelry. Bananas are not such an effective laxative, not as effective as say, a laxative. Nevertheless that's the order the prison's doctor appears to have emitted in order to get the prisoner to emit it. Bananas may be their insurance against the diet being too effective and creating an overly liquid stool. They want the necklace, yes, but at what cost in clean-up?
And once it's out? How will the 52-year-old woman who owns the necklace feel about putting it around her neck again, after it spent a couple of days in a stranger's body before passing into his bowels and out his rectum? While it doubtless once felt great to wear, it may now feel rather crappy.
Thankfully, there's always eBay.
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