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article imageChina authorities make record haul of illegal guns and knives

By Karen Graham     Apr 14, 2014 in Crime
After a four-month long investigation, police in China have confiscated tens of thousands of guns and knives in what is being called the biggest weapons haul yet. Additionally, 15 people alleged to belong to a vast criminal network were arrested.
The evolution of China's growing illegal gun culture was brought to light in vivid fashion when Police in Southern China conducted a raid in the city of Guiyang in Guizhou province this past week. The raid netted 10,000 weapons and thousands of knives, many considered illegal by government laws.
China has some of the strictest weapons laws in the world today, with private gun ownership illegal, with very few exceptions. Even so, this has not stopped their emergence of an underground gun culture from taking root in the country. China’s central television station, CCTV, has reported that 10,500 guns and 120,000 knives were seized by police in the raid.
The investigation is the result of an arrest in an armed robbery that took place four months ago in Guiyang City. A suspect in the robbery told police about his supplier of weapons. Further investigation led to authorities discovering the family-owned business network covered at least 27 provinces.
The public security official from Guiyang, Du Chuang, told China Daily News the illegal arms ring was a family-run business. He also said the illegal weapons dealers, "gave out their business cards all over China."
Surprisingly, China's gun culture is nothing compared to America's love of guns and gun ownership. Guns and gun violence have not been of very much concern for the government as has knife violence. Knives are much more accessible, and with only a limited number of them listed as illegal weapons, ownership is more difficult to control.
There is a village, located in the same province as Guiyang City, called Basha. Basha villagers belong to one of the country's 55 ethnic minority groups, known as the Miao. The majority of Chinese belong to the ethnic Han. In Basha, the men are legally allowed to make, carry and fire guns because it is part of their tradition. Their skill with gun marksmanship has made the village a tourist attraction.
Despite news to the contrary, China's government is obsessed with control, so much so that gun-control laws have been tightened even further recently because of the increased numbers of crimes using guns. Based on information by the Ministry of Public Security, no-questions-asked illegal gun surrender drives have netted over 150,000 weapons in the last few months.
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