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article imageBoy writes letter asking judge to keep his mother in prison

By Megan Hamilton     Nov 1, 2015 in Crime
Middletown - A boy who watched his mother fatally stab his father in the chest with a knife has written a letter to a judge asking him to to keep her behind bars.
Little Bradyn Takach, 10, was only four when he saw his mother, Shannon Smith, stab his dad to death.
The shocking crime took place in 2009 when the family was living in an apartment in Warren County, Ohio, TheLadBible reports. Little Brooklyn, the couple's daughter was only 15-months-old at the time and she also witnessed the horrific murder.
Originally sentenced to 10 years in prison, Smith is being considered for parole even though she has served less than half that time.
Smith allegedly stabbed Robbie Takach, 25, and then pulled the knife out. Takach's mother, Patty Todd, described it as being like draining the water from a dam, reports.
"She pulled out the knife, she washed it clean and put it in the sink," Todd said, fighting back tears.
Patty Todd  Bradyn s grandmother.
Patty Todd, Bradyn's grandmother.
YouTube screen grab WLWT
Then she described what Bradyn told a counselor--The little boy said his dad put him in a corner because he'd gotten in trouble. Then his mom got mad. His dad was holding Brooklynn, and he said his mom got a knife and came at his daddy. His dad shoved her away and then she came back again and she stabbed him."
Smith was indicted for murder, reports.
While it's been six years since his dad was killed, the little boy is still afraid of his mother, The New York Daily News reports.
In his letter to Judge John Peeler he wrote:
"Dear Judge Peeler, I feel that my mom should stay in prison because I seen her stab my dad clean through the heart with my sister in his arms," Bradyn wrote. "That took a big amount of happiness out of my and my sister's lives."
"Life for me would be 10 times better if mom didn't kill my dad," he wrote.
Smith is due to appear for a judicial release hearing next week.
Upon sentencing Smith, Peeler excoriated her in court, saying she was a "violent person," and adding she "shattered the lives of four generations of this family," the Daily News reports.
She had claimed self-defense.
During the 2010 trial, an interview with detectives was replayed in the courtroom. Smith said she found a steak knife during their argument and meant to cut his arm when Takach was allegedly grabbing her, the Journal-News reports.
"I meant to cut him but from my understanding, I did worse," she said in the interview. "I wanted to cut him in the arm but I went down further."
Takach ran out of the house, she said.
During the interview, she sobbed that she "wished the whole situation could have been prevented."
Dr. Lee Lehman, chief forensic pathologist with the Montgomery County Coroner's Office said Takach didn't show defensive wounds, and he noted that in a knife attack people hold up their hands and arms to protect themselves.
One person who knew the couple said the relationship was rocky. Brandy Whitlock, who now lives in Florida said the couple's relationship was rocky. At one point when they were both at her house, they got into an argument because Smith was late picking up the kids.
Whitlock said Smith allegedly used her car to hit Takach in the hip. He made Whitlock promise not to call police and then walked away, the Journal-News reported.
The defense attorney, Mike Allen, argued that Smith killed her boyfriend in self-defense, but Todd said this isn't true, reports.
Her son had only one wound--the one that went through his heart. There were no defensive wounds, she said, adding that no wounds were observed on Smith.
A Warren County jury found Smith guilty of voluntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence in March 2010, and she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Todd said she wants to see Smith serve the full 10 years to give Brooklynn and Braden the chance to sort out their feelings. Bradyn would be 15 and Brooklynn would be 13 and "old enough to make their own decisions," she said.
A judicial release hearing is scheduled for Nov. 4, in front of judge Peeler. Todd is vowing to fight.
She says she hopes Bradyn's words ring a bell.
"I think it would be better for me and my sister if my mom would stay in prison cause I am afraid of her," he wrote. "I have seen what she did to my dad."
Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said he also plans to fight against Smith's release.
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