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Beatle Paul McCartney: John Lennon killer the 'jerk of all jerks'

By Marcus Hondro     Dec 18, 2014 in Crime
The former Beatle Paul McCartney was on a British talk show last week and let the world know, in no uncertain terms, what he thinks of the man who shot his bandmate and friend John Lennon. He said the crazed shooter was the "jerk of all jerks."
Lennon killer "jerk of all jerks"
"The phrase kept coming into my head 'the jerk of all jerks.'' McCartney said about the days following the news of his friend's shooting death. "It was just like, 'This is just a jerk, this is not even a guy politically motivated, it's just some total random thing.’"
He also said that he was glad he and Lennon had healed their rift, saying he was "very lucky" they were back to being close friends after a period of disputes relating to the Beatles 1970 break-up. He did not mention it on the show, but they healed their rift years before and in 1976 McCartney was visiting Lennon at his apartment in New York's Dakota building when they turned on Saturday Night Live.
On that episode it happened that SNL producer Lorne Michaels made a comic plea for the Beatles to reunite, offering them $3,000 if they did so on their show. McCartney and Lennon both said they very nearly jumped in a cab and showed up at NBC studios. So yes, the rift had healed.
McCartney got the call at home
Appearing on the U.K.'s 'Jonathan Ross Show,' he said after being told about Lennon's death outside those Dakota apartments he could not get his head around Lennon really being gone. The feeling lasted for days.
Lennon was killed on December 8, 1980 and McCartney was on the show on the occasion of the 34-year anniversary of the killing.
"I was at home and I got a phone call. It was early in the morning, I was in the country and I just got a phone call and it was like...," the told Ross. "I think it was like that for everyone. It was just so horrific, you couldn't take it in, and I couldn't take it in, and I just for days....You just couldn't think that he was gone."
"It was just a huge shock, then I had to tell Linda (his late wife) and the kids and it was very difficult. It was very difficult for everyone. It was, like, a really big shock, I think, in most people's lives. A bit like Kennedy - there were certain moments like that," he said.
"For me it was just so sad that I wasn't going to see him again and we weren't going to hang. The phrase kept coming in my head 'the jerk of all jerks."
Beatles still playing music
Recently the wife of the man who killed Lennon said her husband, who remains in prison in New York state, would like to meet Yoko Ono and get her forgiveness. He would also like to meet McCartney, she said. There's been no response from Ono or McCartney.
McCartney, or Sir Paul McCartney, he was knighted in by Queen Elizabeth in 1997, has recently remarried and continues recording and playing concerts. Of the other Beatles, George Harrison died of cancer in 2001 while Ringo Starr is alive and well. He is active in charitable causes and he, too, continues to play music.
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